Match Report 22L.1 (29-05-2011)







Match Report

Long hard road continues.

In front of the largest crowd of the season, thanks to the All Age Ladies for lending their support on the sideline, expectations were high for putting in a good performance. Coaching staff were quietly confident today we were going to earn our first three points of the season. We started behind the eight ball, being able to only start with no subs but the game started well enough with both sides imposing their will and both defensive lines held. St Clair pressed continually through the first half, but Ash and Adele were asking all the right questions and got the team on the board with a nicely constructed goal started by Tash and resulting in Ash beating the defence with her speed and slotting a lovely goal past the keeper.

With a step in the Blueys heal, the team pushed for a second and chances started coming from everywhere, but the score remained 1-0 until 3 minutes before half time as Liv did her best to hold back their striker from through ball but Alex was too slow to get down to the protected ball and the littlest of toe touches created a goalmouth mealy resulting in a scrambled goal. And there went our lead.

By half time the team was thoroughly exhausted and no subs were on the horizon to provide any relief. St Clair on the other hand had a cast of thousands and ultimately their freshness proved the difference. A swap in keepers saw an injured Bri between the sticks for the first time and she had an outstanding game, truth be known.

Rebecca, Liv, Emily and Hannah were kept extremely busy, but most impressive was Megan’s sweeping duties who matched Tash’s midfield efforts. Zoe & Bri, and later Alex, covered heaps of ground out wide and ran themselves into the ground. St Clair allowed us plenty of room in their half and we pressed most of the second half but just could not beat the keeper. St Clair counter attacked us regularly and midway through the second half surged down our left flank resulting in a goal against the run of play. Minutes later a similar move resulted in a cross being guided into our net by Meg. The girls took it with a sense of ironic humour but knew it was a longer road now back into the game.

Being 2 down we went on the attack constantly throwing players forward but exposing ourselves at the back which ultimately resulted in two late goals in the last 5 minutes which was more a result of tired legs than attitude. Impressive again was the whole team’s ability to go 90 minutes without subs and never relenting. Certainly an exciting game for all spectators played in good spirit. A sausage sizzle at the end of the game with our spectators being just reward for the efforts in the field and a relaxed team pondered what might have been.

Team spirits still high.

Goal Scorers

Ash & Meg

Player of the Match

Meg & Tash