Match Report AA.5 (26-06-2011)





St Mary’s Band Club (Black)



Match Report

It was a bright and sunny day at St Clair High School. The Blueys were up against the less successful of the St Mary’s Band Club teams, but had to stay focused.
Tingles provided the rabbit in the tree analogy and we were down 1-0 in the first 15 minutes. He amended this to the bird in the hand analogy and we drew back to 1-1. As his stories grew stronger so did the fight in our team. 3 more goals saw us finish comfortably.
And as the sun went down Tingles was still telling tales of wonder and amazement. Yes, Tingles was delirious (from overworking his sick and broken body).
This game saw:
*  The introduction of Denty’s blister resistant boots (as well as another good game)
*  Crusty’s return to form and his famous blend of whinge and fantastic moves on the ball
*  Disco’s entry in the ‘tape the boot up competition’
*  Dekka’s attempt to copy Dirty’s post-to-post shot (no chance!)
*  The 21st penalty against Cranky “ this one for calling "leave it"Ā to some larrikin putting their foot where they shouldnt have. Remember this one BK!
*  Liam’s attempt to crack a shot to the moon!
*  Slider’s first game where he’s remained calm šŸ˜‰
*  Slasher’s reconnaissance mission – data collected for how to handle the Striker Saturday week!
*  Maxi’s much awaited return to the field (by default!). He was keen as mustard.

Goal Scorers

Dekka & Disco

Player of the Match