Match Report 22L.1 (26-06-2011)







Match Report

When attack isn’t even an option.

With the team numbers starting to look a little anorexic, with Liv on holidays, great efforts were made to secure the remaining team members were available on the trip up to Colo and the promise of another potential hiding so it was important we had at least 10 players. Alas, in these days of information overload and communication excesses, we could still only manage a disappointing 8 players when I was expecting 10.

Nevertheless the 8 that turned up did again pushed themselves even though we were spread thin and up against a quality side. Alex started in goals, a position where most of the girls rotated through throughout the game to provide fresh legs but in reality we need not have played. To make things worse, poor old Emily saved a cracking shot on goal only to break her wrist in the process 4 minutes from time.

In a typically one sided affair the positives were the team never stopped playing hard all game and was again punching well above their weight. Colo were quick to find their rhythm but found our central defence difficult to penetrate though and opted to attack relentlessly on the wing, scoring freely off centred balls where we became outnumbered, as you do with 8 players

The girls did learn how to defend this type of attack which served us well in the second half. Down 11-nil we talked a little on defence and managed to get some sunscreen on which raised our comfort level on what was a glorious day at the foothills of the mountains. In the second half Megs and Tash tended the goals and for the first 15 minutes we conceded no goals much to the annoyance of the opposition coach (take a chill pill bro & have a look at the ladder) before the eventual trickle slowly started and still only 3 goals after 30 minutes.

Emily was nominated for a breather from what was her player of the match performance in the field and was similarly resolute in goals although conceding one or two before saving a match and hopefully not season altering shot on goal with an instant injury seen from the bench. Game over for Emily and gut wrenching feeling from the coach who was sorry for putting Emily in goals. No one wants to see their players injured.

To the best of Rebecca’s efforts in goals a seven player squad was eventually overrun and no one really cared how many went in except possibly the opposition coach. Some good sporting gestures from some of the Colo girls but ultimately a sad day 4 minutes out from time. There were many positives from the game which came in brief but noticeable moments including Bri and Alex creating a few clever attacking raids which resulted in the opposition goalie almost touching the ball, almost.

Hannah’s defence was outstanding and she didn’t turn the ball over once wherever she was and the Rebecca/Tash/Megan combination in the central defence area during the goal rotation was consistently solid even though the attach there was relentless. Tash, I believe we have another position for you.

As for Zoe and Emily, both had outstanding games with Zoe holding down her side in midfield under difficult circumstances, while Emily floated left and right in the midfield covering heaps of ground and supporting the central defenders in the player of the match performance, before her mishap. In the first game we lost 24 nil with 11 players so this effort was a massive improvement with 8 players, playing away & with little to no sideline support, and never, never giving up.

You girls can hold your head up proud. Well done.

Goal Scorers

6 times over halfway

Player of the Match

Emily edging out Zoe