Match Report AA.5 (08-07-2012)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy Sunday morning that the AA5s took on Cranebrook (currently second on the table). We had our inaugural Sunday BBQ planned for afterwards plus a new test for the blob formation.

Kickoff saw a wide-eyed Disco at the front of the park with Balls. It was a master decision as Disco slotted 3 early goals in for the Blueys. Then the goals started coming in from all over the park. Tingles first with a screamer off a corner, before being stretchered off with a baby cow injury. Then Dirty lifted a 10 year "no-goal-curse" to score off a scissor kick!

Denty and Slider then combined for a Scud missile attack from the backline, which resulted in a direct penalty and deft finish by Crank. BK was next with a right foot cracker from the 18 yard box into the top right hand corner!! It was lucky that the nets were so expertly put up!

– OR –

The opposition started pressing early and the midfield and defence had to work hard to maintain stability. We certainly had some good opportunities too in this early part … but alas Cranebrook scored first. As we warmed up and our passing game too –  our opportunities were mounting and Cranebrook was quiet by the half time whistle.

In the second half, our passing game was really paying off (with possession and opportunities). Our time came with a dashing run into the 18 yard box by Blocka (has a knack for blocking passes and clearances)! Niall and equally impressive square pass to Nathan who ran onto the ball at full speed to put the ball away!!

We kept on pressing but the break didn’t come. Cranebrook pressed one last time and just as it seemed they were running out of puff they caught a lucky break to steal the 3 points.

It should be comforting to know that we had Cranebrook’s measure for the majority of the time. We just need to take the break off when it comes to goal scoring – easy peasy!

It was good to enjoy the BBQ afterwards and watch the ladies team take 3 points for themselves after a challenging match.

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