Match Report 22L.1 (03-04-2011)





St Clair



Match Report

Hot Sunday at St Clair

Our 10 girl team travelled to St Clair for the first game of the year. A tough assignment made harder with the midday heat and the team suffered accordingly. Surprisingly we pushed the opposition all the way and were unlucky not to have scored more goals but for a determined opposition gaolie. The day started well and the game ebbed & flowed as both teams found their rythium and scratched out opportunities at both ends. Alex was onto numerous raids postioning herself well to restrict and save numerous opposition shots on goals.

Pressing the opposition midway into the game Adelle ran through and around 4 St Clair players to slot a beautiful goal and give us the lead and ascendancy and was unlucky not to score a second off a cracking drive that was deflected onto the top bar by an agile goalie. As the team withered in the heat an equaliser was conceded against the run of play & just before half time to tie the score up. By now most of the team were clearly stressed and stragegy had to changed from attack to defence.

After the half time restructure and intake of fluids the team took to the field with a less ambitious plan to slow the tempo and try to control the play which worked until 20 mins in when a cracking shot of a mid field mellay found the net. By now it was raining water bottles on the field as keeping up fluids became paramount. At the 35 minuite mark the 10 girl shape was re adjusted to attack for the last 10 mins and chase the game and we did so until Tash came off and the 9 girl team had too many holes to cover and two more rather soft goals were scored much to the delight of a sustantial home team crowd.

All in all a very impressive performance given the circumstances on the day. There were many solid performances by Tash, Taylor, Megan & Olivia while new commer Bri was spritely on the wing. Emily and Zoe played well in uncustomary positions and Rebecca toiled away as the lone striker winning the ball well further up the park. With a full team and subs the result would in all probability have been quite different but wasn’t. Well done All.

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