Match Report 12.5 – 3 July, 2004

Blaxland 0
Match Report Blue Mountains defence dominated, with Mitchell C, Liam, Nathaniel and Alexander clearing all Blaxland attacks. This enabled the midfield to flourish, providing good service to forwards Aden and James who scored great goals while Corey lobbed a long-distance shot over the goalkeeper’s head to complete a three-nil win.

The first half started fairly even but Blue Mountains defence started to get on top as the half progressed. Their clearances gave the midfielders of Ben, Corey, Steven and Brenton plenty of opportunity to take the ball upfield where forwards Aden and Michael pressured the Blaxland defence. Ben made one good run up the left side, then Corey did the same and his shot was saved. Corey had a second attempt from a corner go just wide. As half time approached, a period of Blue Mountains pressure was rewarded when the ball fell to Aden whose shot found the net. A few minutes later a second shot from Aden went just wide.

Blue Mountains went in at half-time one-nil up, their dominance demonstrated by the fact that goalkeeper James hadn’t touched the ball.

The second half continued a similar pattern although Blaxland did get back in the game for a period but the Blue Mountains defence of Mitchell C, Liam, Nathaniel and Alexander were able to protect stand-in goalkeeper Brenton who also went through the half without touching the ball. At the other end, James, now a forward, made two good runs up the left side in quick succession. After another period of pressure, Blaxland cleared the ball but only as far as Corey, 25 yards out. He was able to put the ball over the head of the goalkeeper who was off his line, with the ball dipping into the net to record a great goal.

Blue Mountains continued to attack. Steven had a shot saved after a good run. Then Nathaniel had a good run up the right side, his shot was blocked but fell to James whose strong shot found the net from 10 yards out.
Goal Scorers Aden Heymans
Corey Mangion
James Beech
Player of the Match Aden Heymans