Round Robin Game Information

The draw for the Round-Robin games, starting weekend of 10/11 July, is now available.

The following gradings apply for the Round-Robin series:

Original Grade Round Robin Grade
8.B R08.8
8.C R08.10
8.D R08.6
9.2 R09.2
9.6 R09.6
10.2 R10.2
10.9 R10.8
11.5 R11.6
12.5 R12.5
12.8 R12.8
13.1 R13.2
14.5 R14.4
17G.1 R17G.2
18.1 R18.1
35.2 R35.1

These gradings may not specifically mean that these are the gradings for the 2005 season.

UNDER 8s will not be playing on Saturday 10 July. They will resume their “Divisional” games on Sat 17 July. Gradings for Under 8 teams are used as a guide to assist with gradings for the 2005 season.

As previously noted the Round Robin competiton starts during school holidays. Unfortunately this situation came about due to the timing of ANZAC Day and school holidays earlier in the year.

Team managers should contact the Competition Secretary as soon as possible via the Contact Us page if they feel their team will be unable to field a side on weekend of 10/11 July. Nepean Soccer will levy fines of $100 for teams who forfeit with out 48 hours notice. Extract from NDSFA by-laws appears below.

Any team forfeiting a game – Automatic Loss of Points plus Fine as set out here-under –

  • a. Any team Under 9 and above forfeiting without notice – Fine $100.00
  • b. Any Under 8 team forfeiting without notice – Fine $10.00
  • c. Notifying NDSFA Inc less than forty-eight (48) hours, excluding day of game – Fine $50.00
  • d. Under 8s as in “c” – Fine $10.00
  • e. Referees & Assistant Referees Fees, if claimed, shall also apply to U/8 and above. Fees to be paid by the team forfeiting.
  • f. Forfeit Fines do not apply to U/6 & U/7s.