Match Report 12.5 – 29 May, 2004

Penrith SC 1
Match Report A close, hard fought game against a physical Penrith team who played the offside rule well. Although Blue Mountains dominated possession for long periods and Alexander (2), Michael (3), Steven, Mitchell H and Mitchell C all went close, they could not find the net. Despite strong defence, Penrith scored a late goal on a break to record a win.

Blue Mountains started with 2 good early attacks. Corey’s centre following a run down the right was well met by Alexander but his shot was just wide. Steven followed this with another run down the right and Michael met the cross but his shot was saved.

Blue Mountains controlled midfield with Liam, Mitchell H and Mitchell C having good runs forward. Backs Corey, Ferret, Brenton and Aden were able to close out Penrith’s few attacks and goalkeeper James was called upon only once in the first half.

At the other end, Blue Mountains forwards were ruled offside several times and most attacks came from runs from midfield. Alexander had a good run from the half way line from which the goalkeeper did well to turn Michael’s shot behind. Steven’s shot from Mitchell C’s corner was also turned behind. Then Michael had another shot saved following Corey’s run from defence.

The second half progressed in similar fashion. Ben and Nathaniel joined Ferret and Corey in the defence which continued to hold Penrith’s attacks. Blue Mountains continued to pressure, with Mitchell H having a shot saved. Alexander had a shot go just wide following a good build-up involving Mitchell H and Michael, and Mitchell C had a shot saved following a run up the left.

Meanwhile Penrith’s strong running forwards were dangerous on the break, with goalkeeper James bravely running out to one attack forcing the forward to shoot wide. But in the last 5 minutes a forward did well to reach the ball before it went out of play and scored the winner.
Goal Scorers
Player of the Match Corey Mangion