Match Report 12.5 – 21 August, 2004

St Clair Red 4
Match Report What a way to finish the last game with a draw. The boys all played well with Brenton scoring in the first half of the game and Mitchell C scoring a hat trick.

Michael and Steven both played hard in defence and both being extremely reliable performed their best. Mitchell H also played his heart out, along with Liam on the side. James was called upon on numerous occassions in goals and did his utmost on his 12th birthday. Ben had a terrific kicking game along with Aden and Ferret, both performing well in the back line. Brianna and Patrick both played there bests and we thank them for there efforts today.

The first half of the game, saw our boys passing the ball with great ease with the backs placing some well landed balls to the forwards. Stevie had some great runs up the side with some fabulous crosses to Brenton who in turn passed the ball to Mitchell C who couldn’t quite make it. A huge kick from Michael up to forwards, Stevie again crossed a good pass to Brenton who was right on the goalie but the goalie just saved it. Minutes later James was called upon and with Michael helping, the ball was kicked to our forwards again. Ferret continually back up the play with Ben making some great tackles. Liam worked well the whole game up the side,continually bringing the ball up to Mitchell C and Brenton. Just as our boys were getting comfortable, St Clair received a good pass and got through the defence with James being unable to stop the first goal of the game. Michael kicked another great ball and then saved another possible goal. After a great ball from Michael and then Mitchell C, Brenton got the ball and had a great run down the middle of the field, scoring the first goal for our team. Aden kicked a fantastic ball which landed right in a great spot for Mitchell C to scoop it up but he couldn’t get passed the defence. The St Clair team were awarded a corner, which Stevie did a wonderful job of heading the ball straight out. James was called upon again and saved what would have been a superb goal.

The second half of the game, James was kept very busy in goals and saved yet another great ball which ended up with Mitchell H doing some great weaving and passing the ball onto Brenton and he passed the ball to Liam. Ferrett and Stevie both doing well getting a great ball to Brenton, but St Clair’s defence were on top of him. Patrick was great with his passing and after a great ball from Michael, Mitchell C scored a goal running from half way to score a brilliant goal. Aden was doing his best to get the ball down to Liam along with Ben hassling the opposition. James unfortunately couldn’t stop another impossible goal. After a terrific cross from Brenton Mitchell C scored another goal making it a hat trick. Brenton had some bad off side calls and then had a fabulous run but the goalie got to the ball before Brenton could get to it. A great way to end the season!!!!… All the boys are looking forward to next season, where we will certainly be in with a great chance.

Goal Scorers Brenton Bell (1) Mitchell Carter (3)
Player of the Match Mitchell Carter