Additional Info for Players

Additional Information for Players

Photos The following will need new photos this year:

  • new players (i.e. those who have never played for BMFC);
  • returning players who will be 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 as at 31 December this year;
  • any junior player who hasn’t updated their photo in the last three years;
  • any senior player who hasn’t updated their photo in the last five years;
  • players who didn’t play for BMFC last year; or
  • any returning player who would like a new photo taken.

Identification New players will need to bring proof of ID (e.g. birth certificate, passport, drivers licence).

Active Kids Discount – a discount of $100 per child can be applied when registering on-line; click here to find out more.

Siblings Discount If two or more siblings in the same immediate family register to play in Junior teams (U16s and below), a $30.00 discount applies to the second and each subsequent sibling – note: the first sibling pays their full registration fee.  Include this discount by clicking on the “Purchase Additional Items” button before finalizing your invoice during the on-line registration process.

Student Rate The student rate applies to FULL-TIME students only.  Proof of student status is to be provided to the Club.

“Over” Teams – Nepean FA has adopted FNSW’s definition regarding the age of players in “Over” teams.  Essentially, a player has to have attained the age as at 31 December in the previous year.  For example, someone born on or before 31 December 1982 can play in an O35s team in 2018, but someone born 18 February 1983 can only play O35s in 2019.

De-registrations (Pre-Season) – A player who de-registers for any reason, other than not being offered a position in a team, will receive a full refund minus a $20 de-registration fee ($16.50 payable to Nepean; $3.50 BMFC admin fee).

De-registrations (Season) – A player who de-registers and has yet to take the field (cross-checked against team sheets), will receive a full refund minus a $20 de-registration fee ($16.50 payable to Nepean; $3.50 BMFC admin fee).  A players who de-registers and HAS taken the field (cross-checked against team sheets), will only receive a refund of the unused portion of the Club Fee – i.e. the NFA/FNSW/FFA portions of the Registration Fee will not be refunded.

Insurance (Personal Injury Cover) This program is part of the Football NSW “Risk Protection Program”.  It is designed to supplement Loss of Income and Non-Medicare expenses.  The benefits are limited.  BMFC advises members to note the coverage provided by the insurance and re – commends that members have loss-of-income, life and/or private medical insurance coverage over and above the coverage provided.  More information can be found at

Playing Kit – the Club provides the jersey, whilst Club shorts ($25) and Club socks ($15) are to be purchased from us. Shin guards have to be worn – these can be purchased from us ($15) or from a sports store. In terms of football boots, we have pre-loved ones in the club house, available for free, and these are generally in good/great/as-new condition; the Club doesn’t sell football boots.