5.E – End of Season Report

Nine eager children – our first season as a team. All with varying degrees of experience and expertise to bring.

Kate, Emma, Jonathan, Daniel, Harry, Flynn, Cooper, Jack and George… oh what a team !. They went from strength to strength and their confidence soared. They were all happy, win lose or draw.

One thing to emerge, a particular springwood team who defeated us early in the season 12-0 won only 2-0 a few weeks ago!!!!!.

“Fun” was always the word of the day, but along the way skills have been learnt which will ensure an even more formidable team next season.

Well done to a wonderful group of children. John Tatafu has done a great job as coach and we’re grateful to him. Managing has been a pleasure and I would like to thank all parents who helped out this season.

Bev Glasheen, Manager U5.E

(Editors note: A big thanks to Bev as well !!!!)