2006 Presidents Note

2006 Presidents Note

Congratulations to all our Bluey’s team this year for their season. 4 teams competed in the Top 4 play off finals weekend and 4 in the pennant finals, however we came away without any finals wins. Finals highlights were:

  • Dave Gordon’s Prems squad showed their depth by winning the league competition in reserve grade and leading the competition in first grade until the final weekend but finished Runners Up before losing to Emu Plains in the Top 4 play off final.
  • The 12/2’s were league Runners Up and showed great skill in reaching their final. They can look forward to scoring many goals in the next few seasons.
  • Our All Age Ladies Div 3 Blue team coached by Mark Semeniuk won their league competition but lost a close game 1-0 in the Top 4 play off final.
  • The Over 35’s won their league competition losing just one game during the season, but lost the Top 4 play off final 3-2 to Penrith RSL on a very hot, blustery afternoon. Their post season analyses will provide many building opportunities for next season, I am sure.

Our club is keen to improve on these results in 2007. We will be supporting every team to receive good coaching through a continuation of our coaching policies. All coaches will receive full reimbursement of course fees and players will be provided with the opportunity to play to their level of ability. This season’s U8 teams will be graded for the first time next season for their entry into the U9’s. As a community based organisation we seek to provide opportunities for all our players. Remember that Australian players Mark Schwarzer started at Colo and Zeljko Kalacs at St Clair, so good players at our club could also go all the way to the top if they seek to.

I wish to thank our club sponsors this year.

  • Glenbrook Panthers
  • Shanghai Star Bistro Blaxland
  • Barges Australia

We will be purchasing new playing strips over the next 2 seasons. We wish to expand our sponsor links with the community in coming seasons and invite all teams to obtain shirt sponsors for their team.

Knapsack Park has continued to provide some of the best playing conditions in the district, with far fewer weekends disrupted due to wet weather than at other grounds. Although a few catch up games were needed, our teams did not suffer the multitude of games that many other clubs and their teams suffered.

The process of preparing a Plan of Management for Knapsack Park by Blue Mountains Council continues, with a plan being established for the next 20 years that will also guide some aspects of our club development. We look forward to substantially improving the sporting fields and their surrounds over the next few seasons.

We invite interested people to join us in fulfilling the club’s vision of growth with improved opportunities for players, improvements to the grounds and facilities and the growth that will also flow after Australia’s success in the World Cup this year.

Thank you to all committee members for providing our club members with the opportunity to enjoy the game of football through our club. All are family people giving their time for the benefit of this sport through our club and I commend their efforts to you.

Good Luck for next season.

Ian Monaghan