BMSC U/12.6 2006 Year in Review

BMSC U/12.6 2006 Year in Review

There are many similarities in running a kiddies soccer team and herding a group of startled gazelles and pointing them all in one direction.  You just know its not going to be easy but when the task is accomplished you look back and admire the beauty.  This year’s team came together from a broad spectrum of skills and ability from accomplished and seasoned players to beginners, a 50/50 mix of boys and girls but an experienced coaching and managing staff.  Quite a mix indeed and I’m sure some wondered what the result would be.

Well at seasons end we saw off a productive first year as a new team and overall we came fifth on the ladder but were desperately unlucky in a number of games which would have seen our ranking higher.  We competed in the pennant finals and whilst in the opinion of many we were the better team we finished runner up.  The pennant final pretty much summed up our year in one game even to the point of highlighting individual playing skill and ability, tenacity, commitment and sportsmanship.  All the product of our endeavours were on display that day and even after the game had ended there was no disappointment as we gave our all and were better for it. 

The approach from the beginning was to skill up all players and mould a team from two distinct groups and all credit to the children, all improved out of sight and in all it was a pleasure being apart of this team. 

The team consisted of two goal keepers, initially Nathan Tallant and later a more permanent Ben Hofmann with cameo appearances from Morgan Moloney.  Ben just looked good and was solid between the sticks all year.  Better suited as a midfield/ striker Ben proved dynamic in the field as well. Nathan showed early promise and also showed he could mix it in midfield attack.

Early in the year we had plenty of defenders but with a season ending injury to Daniel Macintyre this area started to look thin, particularly as Dan was a robust and solid defender and sweeper.  The heart of our defense is our general Daniel Lennon (Mr reliable) who marshaled his troops with ruthless efficiency and was the thorn in many an opposition attack.  On the left is Tim Payk the other specalised back who is also a solid and resolute defender that allowed little through but was also mobile enough to assist the midfield on attacking raids.  On the right side was our Katie Morfoot one of the teams newcomers who improved our of sight and held her side of the field well and even excelled as a winger.  Finally Brendan Lamb was equally as comfortable as our sweeper as well as a striker and scored some crackers this year.  Brenden performed best when charging on attacking raids through the middle of the field from defense.  One minute defender next a goal scorer.

Our midfield was the engine room and complemented our defense well this year.  All newcomers this year proved themselves best here and the ability of the midfield in the second half of the year saw us topple every team in the competition, even first and second place teams.  Our play revolved around Wade Murray and Michael Dess to opposites but effective stars of the team.  Wade is as unselfish as he is uncompromising in both attack and defense and was the architect of most of the teams play linking defense with the wingers and strikers.  Truly an inspirational team member.  Michael was more of a runner and tended to drive the attack to the opposition and both lads scored some memorable goals.  Michaels natural leadership ability shone in the later games and he led his team well.

Newcomers Rebecca Yang and Lauren Waters picked up the business of midfield quickly and complemented others around them.  Rebecca is a gutsy defense oriented midfielder and perpetual winner of the ball and always took the game to the opposition.  She is arguably the team’s biggest improver overall and like Lauren it was a pleasure to watch them develop this year.  Lauren was more of a ball runner and zone defender sitting in just behind the strikers.   Lauren provided additional numbers and resources in attack and as well in defense working best in the heart of the action.

The team also boosts two specalised wingers for the old school that boasted lightning speed and a flair for attack whilst sliding into defense on demand.  They are Morgon Moloney and Jacob Morris, both of which improved tremendously.  Jacob was the real silent work horse of the team going on one attacking raid after another and scored some of the teams most memorable and vital goals this year.  Morgan, who is equally sharp, showed wit and determination can get a girl far in this game and was always up the front on the attack or sliding back in defense, another of the season’s improvers.  Both players gave great service to the strikers and mid fielders well this year.

Finally our attack boasted experience and speed in the form of Brianna Trigg and Ashleigh Hampson and proved a formidable combination.  At the end the year you would not have known it was Ashliegh’s first as she now boasts plenty of skill and ball smarts, way beyond her time on the field & due mainly to her determination and keenness to improve.  Ashleigh in full flight with ball at toe resembled a sight to behold; blink and you would miss her.  Brianna on the other hand was an old hand and more experienced and instinctively knew the best way to goal making her the teams more prolific goal scorer.  More work on defense has complemented her attacking skills and now has become a well rounded striker.

In all a most pleasant group of kids who collectively improved as the year went on and bonded as a team although we still have a bit of a way to go( you know the boy girl thing).  One thing experience in coaching has taught me is that a solid framework can be layered over and the finished product will achieve great things.  This team certainly has this potential at their feet and the coaching staff looks forward to a continuation of the process we together began way back in March.  Enjoy the break kids and be good to your parents, they were the ones who supported you all and are the foundation our team is built upon.  Cheers to all the mums & dads.

Coaches-    Rob & Dave

Manager-  Mel