Match Report U7.Zebras (14-06-2014)








Match Report

In today’s match the Zebras demonstrated amazing teamwork and great individual skills against a strong foxes team. Oliver, Kearnu & Caela were excellent in midfield, Oliver earning player of the day with dedication, strong team play and committing to the ball each and every time. Caela had some great runs and came close to scoring. Kearnu was finally rewarded with his dedication getting a number of passes coming to him and was unlucky not to score. Ben and Leon both demonstrated their advanced soccer skills with dazzling runs, Ben continued his scoring tradition. Leon just missed out getting his shots into the target but better than scoring the goals he was an essential player when it came to defence, never giving up and chasing hard saving many goals. Aidan had a slow start this morning but hit top gear just in time to save an essential goal. He is improving every week and is an essential part of the team.

The Zebras have demonstrated amazing teamwork from the beginning of the year and we are all proud of how they work together and have such fun.

Special mention once again for Leon, who stopped to help one of Foxes when he fell over. It was amazing to see that it was more important to him to ensure that player was ok than to save the goal. True sportsmanship.

Well done Zebras!!

Goal Scorers

Ben Barter (3)

Player of the Match

Oliver Milne