Match Report O35.4B (08-06-2014)

BMFC Black




BMFC White



Match Report

It was dark n stormy, it was way too early AND we had to wear purple – how much worse could it possibly get i hear you ask ???? Lots !!!

Second instalment of battle to the esky started off in nip and tuck fashion, both sides not giving an inch in order to secure pool room bragging rights. Deadlock was broken when, from a impossible -180 degree angle, Decker managed to swivel shoot across our keeper and find the opposite corner (geometrically unbelievable). We in the purple were so impressed with that effort we decided to gift the whites a 2nd goal in honour of their first, Decker again 2-0.

2nd half was a hard fought affair until, I think his name is Dirty, pile drove the 3rd goal in from 55 metres into the roof of our net 3-0.

We gave our all but were undone by a better team on the day, the earliness of the hour, the alignment of the stars and I cannot stress enough the purpleness of the shirts.

Well played, Whites – see u guys at training; was a good game again, played in great spirit.

Goal Scorers

for them – decker x 2, Dirty x 1
for us – watch this space

Player of the Match