Match Report U13.2 (28-06-2014): “Bend it like Beckham – No. 2”








Match Report

Question 1:
Who, mid-way through the second half of this away game, took a corner, "bent it like Beckham" and scored a goal in the top right hand corner???!!!
Answer 1:
Sasha Duetoft, that’s who!  IN- CRE- DI- BLE?  Well, yes – he did a similar thing two years ago, almost to the day.

Great Olympic Goal (, young man.

The team, including families, celebrated in style!!!

Question 2:
Which team is coming together as a great cohesive unit as the season progresses?
Answer 2:
The BMFC U13.2s, that’s who!

Question 3:
Which coach is very proud of the way his team is developing and who’s looking forward to them continuing to give competitive challenges to the opposition for the remainder of this season?
Answer 3:
Martin Bishop, that’s who.

Question 4:
Which fanbase is looking forward to the game against Convent next week and watching another terrific match, because the first encounter was a cracka?
Answer 4:
The BMFC U13.2s families, that’s who!  

Goal Scorers

Ben Hurley, Sasha Duetoft.

Player of the Match

The whole team!