Match Report U11.2W (04-05-2014)






Match Report

In the second game of our double this weekend the children showed how well they are improving each time they have the opportunity to work together. It was a hard battle against the top ranked team in our division. The individual ball skills of the Springwood forwards was outstanding and our backs did well to hold them steady. Sam and Lexy were both strong in goals putting their body on the line saving many shots through absolute courage. Martin scored a great goal by holding his position in the centre. Kaleb had many shots and came out with two. Isabelle listened to instructions well and marked her player brilliantly in the second half. James ran more than I have ever seen any player run and put many balls through for our forwards. Layla passed the ball well and Natasha’s tackles were a force to be reckoned with. Will Keast showed great anticipation as an attacker and Will Sharp was a terrier. As a coach I am pleased with where this team is heading putting together set passes with combinations of three or more movements down the field.

Goal Scorers

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