Match Report O35.4W (04-05-2014)








Match Report

It was a dark and windy day that saw the Thirty Five Fours take on Jamisontown. We were a few players down with Hurley, for example, unable to play with suspected sensitive hyponychium.

Playing away from home and playing Jamo always means the away jersey must come out. Unfortunately, what turned up was, what can only be described as, the girls away strip! The colour choice had not been put through the Disco-macho-meter. Nevertheless, we walked on the field with typically Bluey’s pride and kicked off against the wind.

The first half was challenging with play going back and forth. It took the team a while to change mindset against a body-playing opposition. The defence held well, under BK’s tutelage, and only one shot was on target. That shot, however, was struck well with the opposition cheering before the ball had crossed the goal line! From out of no-where a surprise goalie glove came to spoil the day for Jamo’s first half efforts.

Second half came along and the Bluey’s tried to improve on the basics "man-on" calls, jockeying, no backheals!, and "pass-and-move". This saw a few more inroads through the opposition" s defence and ultimately a goal!!!

The goal came off a mighty throw-in from GB (google Golf Bag and Gangster) who has arguably the longest throw this side of Texas (don’t google this – just take my word). The throw made it into the 18 yard box and Grasshopper, faced with a 50/50 ball against the keeper, got his toe to the ball first and into the net.

The Bluey’s continued to battle on, coming under fire but also making some great opportunities. Unfortunately, on the 89th minute a questionable direct penalty was called against the team. Hollywood, with the Number 1 Jersey, chose the right direction but the placement was too good on this occasion.

We finished up 1-1, heads down for a bit, but looking forward to training on Wednesday and the coming game.

Viva la Thirty Five Fours.

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