Match Report U10.2 White (27-07-2013)








Match Report

It was a tough game at Springwood, as expected, but we came to test ourselves against the best team and put in a collective team effort.

Everyone contributing and attacking the contest when it is their turn is one of our consistent themes, but we emphasised the importance of it again at training and pre-game and it was really encouraging to see a number of players take it on board and apply lots of pressure when Springwood had the ball, helping us to create turnovers.

Martin proved to be the leader and was outstanding at this, often getting to contests as the second or third player in order to affect the required pressure for us to win possession of the ball. Well done Martin!

Another consistent theme for us is playing the ball out wide from our defensive half and when we were under pressure in front of goals, it was pleasing to see players instinctively look to clear the ball out wide.

With our strong starting line-up we wanted to be bold and take the challenge up to Springwood and just before kick-off, we talked about a set play involving our forwards and mids, using a quick backwards pass to our long kickers to put the ball deep into space in our attacking half, and using the pace of Alex and Will to run forward to put pressure on Springwood in defence and create scoring opportunities.

The ability of our forward/mid section, consisting of Aidan, Alex, Will, Martin and Hamish to listen to the pre-game instruction and then concentrate and work it out between themselves on the pitch to implement was really impressive.

The great effort of these guys was rewarded with one of our best goals of the season, against a really solid opposition, was great to watch – well done guys!

Isy and Layla were again solid in defence, constantly putting their bodies in the right place to challenge and block and create turnovers for the team and also moving the ball quickly out of defence. Great work girls!

Kynan and Josh were super in goals with lots of great saves and quick plays out to our players in space out wide.

Martin was player of the week with his determined efforts both with our attacking set play and also his defensive pressure and skill. Great stuff!

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