Match Report O35.2 (28-07-2013)

Match Report O35.2 (28-07-2013)





Lowland Wanderers



Match Report

So to the semis and the slate is wiped clean, so to speak. First up Lowland in our first of three games at Stadium Knapsack, a privilege afforded to us for coming out on top in the regular season.

Sean finally won a coin toss (new tactic being to let the opposition call it).

A slow start saw us two down in the first 20 minutes. We woke up and started to get a bit of a hold on the game. La Celeste showed great determination, chasing a ball down that was only ever going out and was brought down from behind to win a penalty. Cometh the hour, cometh the Ice Man, slotting into the corner.

We created a few more chances but a piece of individual brilliance from JB, jinking passed a couple in the box before firing hard into the bottom corner, pulled us level. It stayed that way to half time.

We started more brightly in the second half but were unable to find the lead. JB managed to dislocate his shoulder and pop it back in all in one movement as the opposition cried for diving in the box. The sucker punch came mid way though the half with Lowlands re-taking the lead from good cross and finish. Harry put us level crisply volleying in off Rash’s corner. Off another corner, the ball was not cleared and Rash netted with a header, his second in as many weeks meaning his nickname requires a slight change to Rush (Ian).

Tempers flared late on with opposition players incited by an ever so slightly mis-timed tackle from Psycho, see photo below. As you can see, Messi is over 35 and now living in the Richmond area.



Goal Scorers

Ice Man (pen), JB, Harry, Rush

Player of the Match