Match Report O35.4W (11-05-2014)

Match Report O35.4W (11-05-2014)








Match Report

It was a dark and stormy day that saw the 35 fours take on Penrith at the Cauldron, this Mother’s Day. The good news was that Hurley was making a return but we were without Hollywood (who by all accounts is alive but unsure as to his own location).

The team had a positive start, maintaining possession, remaining patient for the break. And it was Hurley to break through and put the team ahead on the board. The passing game was working that well that GB (who was wearing the No1) decided to create an opportunity to shine. He played the ball out perfectly for the opposition to run onto and take a shot – and alas GB made his save!!! And he maintained a clean sheet to the half time whistle.

Dez and John were both to score in the first half – Dez: a goal and John: a boot to the leg! Keep the ice up John!

We entered the second half with two directives (1) continue what we were doing and (2) avoid opposition shots on goal as Hurley was coming back from injury. Well … we managed the first directive! A few choice decisions from the stand-in sweeper (Disco) saw Hurley come off his line for a magic one-on-one save and a few timely clearances!! Hurley adds to the number of keepers with a clean sheet.

The second half saw a slow start for the team, taking 15 minutes to realise we in the middle of a game! Once we steadied though we again maintained possession with good short passing. Turtle was feeling so very good about the game that he brought out the backheel to take advantage of John’ s overlapping run. It is noted that this was not Turtle’s best choice for the game (with the ball going to the opposition) 😉

Not to be outdone, GB took another monster throw from the sideline. When the ball came down (all iced up) there was a short skirmish in the 18-yard box finishing with GB winding up for a full throttle volley into the top right corner!

Dez made it 3 goals for the game which resulted in the 5-0 result. Hurley and GB take their names off the nudey run!



Goal Scorers

Dez, GB, Hurley

Player of the Match