Match Report O35.1 (11-05-2014)

Match Report O35.1 (11-05-2014)








Match Report

There were a few ‘out’ this week for our first home game of the season, most notably Pom. Pom had been offered the chance of a lifetime to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest – see photo below for the before and after transformation.



Also out was Dunny (calf) and Ice Man (visiting the calfs at the Hawkesbury Show).

This left us with 12 ‘fit’ and available to play in the middle of the day on Mothers Day. Dunny demonstrated his value to the team in yet another way by getting into the inner-sanctum of the the Colo pre-match talk to report that they were also 12 strong and at least three carrying injuries.

The game was another tight affair – we probably edged it in the first half in terms of possession and creating a few chances. The only goal of the half came after Carty put Forrest away down the left, the ball was put across the box for The Pirate to arrive and knock in with his peg leg. ‘Arr, one nil to the Blueys it be’ I think I heard him say as he ran back for the restart.

Half time team talk from Coach Joe asked for Suarez to sit back 12 yards behind the last defender as his blistering pace was seeing him called off side a lot – the young linesman could not believe anyone over 40 could possibly be that quick off the mark, so assumed he must be off side every time.

Early in the second half Suarez was called off side and got a booking for his reaction of dis-belief. Colo kept coming at us and Quinny did well to get finger tips to one effort and push it onto the bar. This did create plenty of opportunity though for us to catch them on the break – the returning Rash punted one long ball through for Suarez to run onto (having heeded Joe’s half time words) and slot away in the bottom corner. 2-0.

Excellent defensive displays from Rash, Zap, Champagne and Hornswoggle. PoM Carty for a dominant midfield performance.

After the game Forrest started the Blueys team song – Ipswich, Carty and Suarez have a bit of homework to do on that one!

A great double this week – both Blueys and Pom getting the lollies (well, Gladiolus for Pom). Looking forward already to getting kicked at training Pom!

Goal Scorers

The Pirate, Suarez

Player of the Match