Match Report – O35.3 – 30 August 2015

Match Report – O35.3 – Game Date: 30 August 2015

BMFC O35.3: 1
Werrington FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Voldemordt

Player of the Match: All

Match Report: It was a dark and stormy afternoon that we took to the field for the Division 2 final. Werrington took it to us from the whistle but by no means did we fall over. The team rallied to defend.

Nevertheless, the opposition put one away. Unfortunately I had a front row seat. A ball spilled out, I thought it could be wrapped up (so left my man go) … The ball wasn’t wrapped up … And my man stabbed the ball home.

Thankfully, against all run of play, our Voldemordt took a ball from about half way … Keeping the running defense at bay … He made it to the goal and pushed it passed the keeper to level the score.

The second half was hard but the run of play changed in our favour. Crank rattled the cross bar, scores of headers were near misses and Voldemordt hit a volley that was only saved by a defender on the goal line.

Say it once, not all subs were run quickly enough.

I can safely say that there was a good play made by each and every one of our players … From Frankie tipping a shot over the bar … To GB heading the ball for a near miss.

Unlucky boys. A damn good show.

See youse all at the Seniors Presentation.