Match Report – 16.1 – 16/07/2023


Match Report – 16.1 – Game Date: 16/07/2023


BMFC 16.1}: 0

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Match Report: The boys in blue, with their cheer squad in tow, were back on the bus to compete against Enfield in the U16s State Cup grand final, played at Cromer Park.

From the first whistle the boys played with heart and passion. The attackers were quick and light on their feet. With the support of the mid fielders, they utilised every opportunity to try and get that ball into the net.  The team’s strong defence worked together to close down Enfield’s plays and make them earn every opportunity.

Half time had the boys down 2-0 – Enfield scored a goal after a scramble from a corner kick and another from a penalty shot. This put the boys in an unfamiliar position of being behind on the scoreboard.

The second half saw the intensity and speed of play increase. Enfield were motivated to increase the score, with Blue Mountains striving to even it up. Despite coming close on a couple of occasions, including a shot hitting the cross bar, the second half remained scoreless.

Although the game didn’t go our way, the boys gave it their all in a tightly contested game. The team didn’t securing the trophy, but finishing in the top two from the initial entry of 50 of the top teams from within the state is a major achievement.

Throughout their Cup campaign and their regular club season, these young men have demonstrated incredible talent and skill on the pitch. Many of them have only come together for the first time this season, but the level of team cohesion and mateship has been incredible. Keep an eye for this team as there will be many future successes to follow.