Match Report – 14.Girls – 08/07/2023


Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 08/07/2023


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Match Report: This week our U14 Girls played A Bye.
It was a pretty disappointing game.
Not because we played badly… its just that nothing happened all game.
There were no goals, no tackles, no headers (either backward or forwards).
There were no great saves or passes. Even our history of fast throw ins was totally non-existent.
We were looking forward to seeing how Constance was going to shape up this week, but she could not be seen on the field the entire game.
The performance of the opposition was equally lacklustre. It’s like A Bye skipped the game entirely.
I guess we could look on the bright side and be glad there was not one direct penalty against us all game.
I’m glad we don’t have to play A Bye again this season. It was frankly a complete bore.
Let hope our game against Springwood next week is a bit more exciting!