Match Report – 14.Girls – 01/07/2023


Match Report – 14.Girls – Game Date: 01/07/2023


BMFC 14.Girls: 0
Jamisontown FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: When it comes to U14 Girls Bluey’s games, we can now say there are some consistent scenes that occur every single game…
Our game on Saturday was no exception.
Let us CHECK them off one by one (in no particular order)

• Concerns about whether we have enough players to get the game going- CHECK – Noting it was even worse for Jamison- they only had 10.
• A complete domination of the other side for most of the game (especially the first half) coupled with a complete lack of actual goals scored- CHECK
• A goal box handball resulting in a direct penalty and subsequent goal against us – CHECK- like… what is the story here…it’s almost every single game and we have not had one direct penalty going to us!
• Funny moments on the field that made the parents laugh (and the players)- CHECK- 2 of note- When Josie tripped over her feet on the left wing and when it looked like Ainsley kicked over one of their forwards (but they just tripped the exact moment Ainsley kicked)
• Multiple ‘almost’ goals on the field that made the parents laugh in frustration- CHECK
• Intense parental discussions about off-side and hand ball rules- CHECK
• Significant vocal support coming from a couple of specific maternal figures of the players- CHECK
• A number of headers where the ball went backwards rather than forwards – CHECK- to be fair, there is now at least 1 header a game where it does go in the right general direction.
• A couple of very capable players on the opposition who were able to make good use of loose balls- CHECK- their Number 13 was our unlucky number…
• Some great attacks, gutsy defence, fancy footwork, solid kicks from everyone in the team- CHECK
• Some feisty breakout dance moves from Portabella (B4)- CHECK
• A general sense of support, friendliness and camaraderie between the parents and players- CHECK
• A willingness to have a crack, do your best and love the game, players, coach, manager and parents/carers – CHECK