Match Report – 14.3 – 10/10/2020

Match Report – 14.3 – Game Date: 10/10/2020

St Marys SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Kurtis, Ben, Harry M, Nick

Player of the Match:

Match Report: Undefeated for the Season! Well done boys and Rhett!!

A review of our season.

Well done, Nick, on captaining the team to victory, consistent coin tossing (!) and being a strong leader from the back.

Congratulations Liam, our faithful goalie – who managed to score as many goals as got past you.

Your sense of justice was clear Nathaniel, our on-field linesman who knew when a well-timed ‘shoelace’ was important.

Boaz, you provided a strong backline that was rarely breached.

Harry C, our injured mascot for the first half of the season who came on and scored with confidence.

And Harry Mc, “keep it down Harry’, who scored with both feet once he got a touch!

Thanks for letting us enjoy your footwork Isaac and for being our go-to penalty scorer and

Jeremy, we loved watching you run past anyone up the left.

Matt, you knew best how to actually ‘talk to each other’ on-field, and

Wil, you were a terrier chasing down those loose balls.

Louis (or is it Lewis!), your determination was always clear and you covered so much ground.

Kurtis, you could sniff out a goal and took 1/3 of all our goals across the season – well done lead goal scorer (26 goals through the season)!

Ben, you were there to take the ‘header’, to take on your man and to take 4 goals in a game.

Joey, you let the ball know who was boss, and your goal was one of the team’s highlights of the season.

Rhett, no one would guess it was your first time coaching – your half time chats, your ability to develop teamwork and skills in the boys was clear and obviously brought results. Thanks for investing in and helping our boys become young men!

Lead Goal Scorers: Kurtis – 26, Harry Mc – 9, Harry C and Ben – 8, Isaac and Nick – 6, Jeremy – 5, Liam and Wil – 4.

Well done everyone on a great season. Looking forward to 2021 already.