Match Report AA.7 – 05-07-2009

vs Cranebrook
Opposition Score 1

Match Report As the sun gained strength over the hallowed green fields of the legendary Knapsack Park, so too did the equally legendary (in their own minds) fellows who together comprise the Blue Mountains Mens’ All-Age 7’s. The anticipation was palpable…….the comradery enviable..…..the shorts oh so white (not to mention some of the legs). There to meet the onslaught of a youthful Cranebrook opposition, the mighty AA7s heeded the call (ie, the ref blew the whistle) and the game got soundly underway. Not long in, it became apparent that the boys in blue, notwithstanding their white legs, were in with a chance of a win, perhaps even a solid one. They would have to fight for it though! Following sustained offensiveness, at a timely juncture during the first half of proceedings a welcome goal by one of the strikers (Marshmallow & The Finisher)*** brought the psychological advantage to the home team. Then, despite excellent ongoing defensive play from the midfield (variously made up of Viper, Dr Beaker, Cranky, Dirty, Mantis, & Interloper) and the backs (variously Interloper, Slasher, Disco G, Brettalica, & Divot) a momentary game of pinball somehow occurred within the torturous 18-yard box. The Cranebrookers had equalised! Their joy was shortlived, however, with another goal from the Blues’ strikers (finally living up to their name!)***, followed a bit later by another***. The end result: Blues 3, Cranebrook 1. Victory! Special mention must go to: (a) Hayleys – for knowing he wasn’t going to play due to existing injuries but inhabiting the sideline in full kit regardless – that’s some great moral support!; (b) Grasshopper – for some excellent play from the sideline and equally excellent shopping for, and masterchefing at, the after-match BBQ; (c) Alex Fergusson (aka Baz) – for the invaluable usual (managing, jerseys, team supplies, canteen, etc); (d) Tingles – for having go-go gadget arms which led to the ref pinging him for the old ‘goalie’s arm outside box while still in contact with ball’, despite protestations that it wasn’t the case; (e) Crank – for being strong candidate for Player of the Match but blowing it by doing the fastest disappearing act ever seen when it came time to clean up after the BBQ!; and (f) Disco G. – for volunteering Dirty to write the match report (damned hide!). Luckily he and Slasher got the beers in, so all is forgiven. *** One of the more senior members of the team got the job of writing the match report and can’t remember who got which goals when………….nor very much else, really..………….
Goal Scorers The Finisher Marshmallow
Player of the Match