Match Report AA.5 – 20-06-2010

Emu Plains 0
Match Report

Flightless Birds Squished.

What can you say about a scoreline like this? Well, apparently a great deal, if post email banter is anything to go off! Things got go excited at one stage that one of our team mates exclaimed that he "appreciated playing with blokes". Of course, as we all know, emails can be taken out of context!

But anyway, give me a call.  You know who you are 😉

Tingles played a solid game between the sticks.   He’s normally dying to get out on the field, but perhaps the previous night’s antics subdued him.   I can hear him say "Never!!!".

Marshmellow controlled a versatile defensive line including Denti "the stopper" Haley’s, Slider, Labs and Disco.  The opposition played the long ball which didn’t trouble these guys in the slightest.

The midfielders played a central role … GOLD!! Crank, Doctor and occasionally Disco were able to dominate the centre of the park with steadfast support from wingers Gnome (killer name yet to be birthed for Simon – meanwhile, Simon spelled backwards is Nomis which sounds like Gnome) and Dirty (is this a killer name or a lifestyle?).

Gnome appeared everywhere upsetting the opposition no end, and Dirty’s precision passing button had been locked on the whole game.   So much so, in fact, that Dirty made a precision pass to Viper via both opposition goal posts.   In a haze, Viper seized the ball and smacked into the back of the net with a turning, sliding, reverse roundhouse scissor kick!

Both Crank and the Doctor scored brilliant goals! Crank tells me his was slightly better than the Doctor’s.

Of course this brings us to the firing squad, Cannons 3 gun salute!  And Sticky’s Oozy solo goal.   These guys seemed to have smiles on their faces all game and I could only imagine them singing the duet "I had the time of my life" to one another (Patrick Swayze style)!  I love that song.   Now I’m thinking about movie songs and "Highway to the Danger Zone" from Top Gun.  G3 is going to be awesome!

Goal Scorers were awesome!
Player of the Match The whole Team