Match Report – 16.2 – 11/08/2018

Match Report – 16.2 – Game Date: 11/08/2018

BMFC 16.2: 1
Springwood United FC: 4

BMFC Goal Scorers: Sean Higgins

Player of the Match: Gus Langworthy

Match Report: For the last match of the Championship Round we headed up to Springwood for a must win game (and needing to score two goals or more to go straight through) to make the Final. An excellent training session on Thursday was a really positive sign. Jacob unavailable due to other commitments and Heath still on the injured list added to the challenge but it felt the boys were up for it.

The game quickly settled into being a very tight contest, with Springwood being able to play carefree football as they had nothing to loose and everything to gain for their last match of the season. It is fair to say that they were having slightly the better of the play.

It was an early break away goal to Springwood and then a ‘soft’ send off that turned the game on it’s head after less than one quarter of the match. A couple of lower level infringements were deemed serious enough by the referee to warrant yellow cards meaning we were down to 10 men. In my opinion both decisions were a little harsh, though technically correct, and “the punishment didn’t fit the crime” by any reasonable assessment. That’s football. That’s life. To his great credit, the young ma involved handled the situation in a composed and sporting manner. As did the entire team who showed increased commitment and determination to back their team mate.

We were down two goals at half time but all credit to the boys who kept their heads up and tried even harder! Every player, but Gus and Will Foreman especially, gave 120% and never gave up. Lachlan “I’ve run out of nicknames” Jones was as flexible as ever and did a fine job of covering where needed in the backs.

With time against us, and needing to pull back 3 goals, it was time to throw caution to the wind and try a few left field options. Pushing players forward, fewer in defence and a change of keeper were all our last throws of the dice. Nothing to lose by trying! Lachlan Bowe did an outstanding job when thrown into the goals for the first time this season, giving Robbie a chance to be creative up front! One tip over the bar was a memorable piece of excellent keeping!

Springwood scored a further two goals but we went down fighting and left nothing behind in going for a win.

In the end, Springwood did to us what I thought we might have been able to do the Blaxland in the final. Catch them a little tense and nervous, with us having nothing to lose and playing relaxed and creative football.

A fine late goal to Sean put a smile on our faces on what was a tricky afternoon and disappointing end to a highly successful season. Second place on the ladder. Goals scored by almost every player. We played a brand of football which drew high praise from all coaches we played against. Team passing football. Positive football. And we had lots of fun along the journey!! Watching the boys develop in their football, and more importantly as fine young men, has been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Congratulations to Gus on a fine season as captain! Composed and determined leadership, especially through leading by example!

A massive thank you to Steve Cooke whose thorough and no nonsense work as manager kept things humming along and made such a difference.

A huge thank you to Greg Bowe for sharing invaluable ideas and excellent training drills across the season. It was always great to have someone heavily involved who knows the game so well!

And many thanks Darren Kingsford for being our social director!

Many thanks to all the parents and families for your encourage, support and trust each and every week.

May I also take this opportunity to thank Sandy, Dave and all the committee for their support and tremendous work this season. Your tireless efforts are greatly appreciated by the 16/2’s!

Congratulations Gus, Lachlan Bowe, Chris, Robbie, Will Cooke, Luke, Will Foreman, Sean, Jacob, Lachlan Jones, Zach Kingsford, Billy, Aidan, “Scoooooooooobes” and Heath! Be proud of all you achieved and contributed during an excellent season of football. I truly hope you all return in 2019 for your first year of Sunday football.