Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 14/07/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 3
Hazelbrook FC: 2

BMFC Goal Scorers: Dre, Felts, Skinner

Player of the Match: The woodwork

Match Report: The dreaded mid-winter fixture at Hazo saw the team snowmobile arrive to sub-zero conditions, a howling gale and an empty stadium, the fans still refusing to travel in protest of our last 2 losses.

Last minute withdrawals of Marty and GK Steve meant we had to call upon the still somewhat injured emergency reserves of Andre, Crussel and Ads, the latter being handed the gloves and long Grobbelaar pants, which were warmly received as snow surely wasn’t far from falling, and as apparently he once was a keeper, despite his insistence this was never the case.

Dre tried to work out the best formation, and then called upon some assistance as either his math was wrong or 4-4-1 somehow involves 11 players – the combined intellect of the leadership group confirming there was indeed only 10 men to take the park.  Dre then did what any captain-coach worth his salt would do and nominated himself lone striker and therefore avoid any of the heavy lifting that would be required.

A very even start to the game ensued despite Hazo outnumbering us, Ghost a welcome addition back at centre mid after what seemed to be 3 months on the sideline with a grade 2 sprained pinky.  He soon reminded the punters why transfer records were broken for his signature, putting a gem of a ball through for Dre, and after what was arguably the slowest chase of a through-ball ever between centre back and striker, Dre somehow got there first and calmly side footed past the keeper.

1 nil halftime, and screenplay rights for ‘Ocean’s 10’ already being negotiated.

Second half and our backline of JB, Crussel, Macca and G continued to absorb the pressure and looking to counter.  Some nice work from Skinner putting Felts through who showed some actual speed beating fullback and oncoming keeper to slot it through. 2 nil up and could have been 3 not long after, Felts finding himself in similar position, but with far too much time and no one marking him he was never going to score.

Hazo managed to get on the sheet and felt the wind at their backs (literally), pouring the pressure on, until G made a strong run from the back, igniting some great interplay and finishing with Skinner back-heeling the cross into the back of the net in true show=pony style, and celebrating thusly.

We failed to deal with a bit of a messy corner and Hazo headed in to close our lead to just 1 goal, but a big final effort from the 10 blueys, and a couple of nice saves from our goalposts ensured the miracle complete. 

“Ocean’s 10 – the game that defined a season” in cinemas soon.

State Cup Match Report – O35.1B – Game Date: 30/06/2019


BMFC O35.1B: 1
Baulkham Hills FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Mark Sem

Player of the Match: Zap

Match Report: State Cup 1/4 Final v Baulkham Hills

We arrived early at the HQ of Football NSW. Like FA Cup finalists at Wembley we all walked onto the playing surface pre-game for a pitch inspection. Imagine our horror when we realised it was an artificial surface and after a few passes saw that the ball ran true – no Knapsack bounce! The usual excuse for an error had been taken away

With 17 available for selection someone had to take a bullet for the team and yours truly found himself in the firing line. After negotiating with The Gaffer for 90 minutes as centre forward for the next 3 games a deal was struck and I put all my efforts into getting the team sheet written out correctly – that might sound easy to those non-Managers out there. It’s not

The changing room was bigger than my lounge and The Gaffer found that his usual piece of cardboard used to show the starting line up and formation was obsolete with a large white board on the wall

The game underway and not too much to report until about 10 minutes in. A long corner nodded in at the back post and we were 1-0 down. Baulkham Hills got on top for the next 15 or so but the defence of Brad, Tolly, Paul, Greenie & when introduced Pom were excellent and when they were beaten Zap was on hand to make a brilliant save or two. Chicken was introduced into the centre of midfield and added real bite and the tide turned. An early ball out of midfield from Captain Marvel got Mark Sem away – coolly firing past the oncoming keeper. 1 all

The second half and we suffered a few injuries. Captain Marvel went down taking a short free kick, his knee giving way. Chicken’s knee couldn’t handle the hard surface any longer. Dave was introduced and provided an entertaining 10 minutes for the crowd – 2 yellow cards and a penalty! Zap brilliantly saved the penalty to keep it level. We won a free kick on the edge of the box with time running and JB curled it over the wall, the keeper doing just enough to turn it away for a corner

Extra time and the 10 boys continued to put their bodies on the line to keep Baulkham Hills out. We had one last chance to win it late on when Archie threaded the needle to set up Thor but his first touch was a bit heavy and the chance was gone. Iceman went down with a minute to go and with penalties looming we all held our breath – unfortunately he had to come off

The penalty shoot out was close – all scoring aside from Archie who was denied by the width of the post. A cruel way to lose but heads held high as the team performance was superb

Player of the match to Zap for some outstanding saves to keep us in it and honourable mention to Tolly for an excellent game at centre back

Match Report – O35.1B – Game Date: 23/06/2019


BMFC O35.1B: 7
Springwood United FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Thor (2), Chicken, Paul, Dave, Archie, Potty (pen)

Player of the Match: Thor

Match Report: The Steam Train pulled into Summerhayes to play the other Springwood team

In the warm up, the Gaffer talked the defence through how to defend

Captain Marvel was benched and fuming as he whispered to Cobra ‘doesn’t the Gaffer know I was Churchies Comp 2005 All Age 16 Player of the Season’

We started at full steam with Paul racing through and firing home early. Springwood utilised the long ball to the big fellas regularly but this was managed by the calm back four of Brad, Potty, Iceman and Cobra with the squabble brothers of Pom and Davey also benched

A couple more goals late in the half – a penalty from Potty (with Iceman waving away the appeal for him to take it) and Chicken leaping more like a salmon than a chicken to challenge for a great cross by Captain Marvel (‘see, I told you I should have been on from the start’) and then peck away at the scraps to knock home

Just before half time, Iceman was felled as an air swing at the ball followed through and chopped him down

At half time the Gaffer said to run at the defenders more to which Hollywood enquired ‘so, I have the green light to do my thing then?’

Dave played centre back, occasionally, in the second half as he sought to get himself off the nudie run. A quick short corner from Cobra to now free flowing Captain Marvel and Dave screaming ‘lay it off…too late…get in!’ as he belted one past the keeper from outside the box. Thor also belted one in a similar manner, showing great technique to keep the ball down

Archie finished things off, carrying out the Gaffers instructions to a tee, floating in off his wing, dribbling past a couple (and heard saying ‘where ya gone?’ or words to that effect, in the process) and shooting neatly in the corner

Looking forward to our re-arranged State Cup 1/4 final v Baulkham Hills this Sunday at 4pm at Valentine Park – support very welcome (we had 2 supporters this week and possibly some bloke Dave works with watched, but left before his goal was scored)

Match Report – 16.1 – Game Date: 22/06/2019


BMFC 16.1: 4
Cranebrook United FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan (3), Jake

Player of the Match: Shared Ethan and Eli

Match Report: A late afternoon game at a chilly Knapsack field 1. Max was out, recovering from the flu

We expected Cranebrook to come hard at us early, as had been the case in the first encounter. Surprisingly this did not eventuate and we dominated from the off. We scored when the ball was cleared from our corner and Martin fired back in from the edge of the box – Jake sticking a leg out to deflect past the keeper.

Eli made a brilliant one on one save and a minute later Alex Crambrook and Ash combined well down the left, Ash jinking past the right back to cross from the bye line – the ball coming through to Ethan just inside the box to clinically rifle in the corner. In control until a mad final minute of the half. A dubious free kick was conceded near the corner. Alex Crambrook was shoved to the floor and set upon – some pushing and shoving but unbelievably no cards shown. The free kick was taken and Millsy was very harshly adjudged to have fouled and a penalty was given and dispatched

The boys were rightly animated in the sheds at half time! Pointing out we were well in control of the game and to re-focus on playing good football seemed to calm the boys down. Within 30 seconds of the re-start Ethan hit a a half volley from fully 25 yards past the keeper – that definitely calmed things down!

Numerous free kicks were awarded our way in the second half and the boys did well, not reacting adversely, simply getting up and getting on with the game

More chances were created – Damo’s header off a corner just over most notable. Ethan completed his hat trick when Martin provided his second assist for the game

A good test of character today and was very proud of how the boys handled it. Players player shared between Eli – mainly for two brilliant saves and Ethan – non stop work rate and three great finishes

Match Report – 12.1 – Game Date: 22/06/2019


BMFC 12.1: 4
Penrith FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Josh, Bailey, Jacob, Tom

Player of the Match: Bailey

Match Report: The boys continued the form of the second half last week. Right from the kickoff the boys were hungrier, faster and stronger than ever before. An early corner was forced with Aiden dropping it into the box nicely with a hungry boot from Josh finishing nicely to take a 1-0 lead after only four minutes. The boys looked sharp and working well together.

One minute later Bailey is off for a run and hits the back of the net to make the score an early 2-0.

The rest of the first half was a display of skill from BMFC, the boys pushing the ball gently over the top for some great runs by Jake, Jacob and Josh. Samuel, Bodhi and Matt held the back and midfield with complete control making passes that were strong and straight. The play was lovely to watch.

Half time came with coach Andy a little calmer than last weeks half time talk! Six minutes into the second half Penrith handballed in the box, after a meeting of the minds it was decided Jacob would deal with it – and he did 3-0! Ben was solid as rock delivering again and again, Myles took it to Penrith winning his 50/50s and ensuring our boys had a sense of urgency

Penrith took an early crack and it paid off 3-1. Oscar has had a great few weeks in goals with very few getting through. He looks intimidating by prowling around the box and making the opposition work for their attacking raids.

15 minutes in a push in the box and the ref awards another penalty on the spot, this time Tom delivers what is needed 4-1. Cartwheels all the way back to the half way line! The whole half BMFC took control of the ball again and again, delivering key passes to each other and making solid field placement decisions that delivered. Four minutes from full time Bailey has another run and gets tripped inside the box, the ref again delivers a penalty along with a yellow card. The goalie leaps high and tips it over the bar. 4-1 is where we end for a solid performance from our boys.

Match Report – 16.1 – Game Date: 15/06/2019


BMFC 16.1: 3
Colo Soccer FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan (3)

Player of the Match: Ethan

Match Report: A beautiful mid morning game at one of the best places to play football – great surface, big pitch and plenty of open space around

We had a few chances in the opening period – Jake hit a long range shot that hit the post and a great cross from Ash fell to Harry who passed to Ethan to score – unfortunately Ethan was adjudged off side. We were caught on the counter when Max challenged in the air for a ball and Alex Win came across to clean up – an unfortunate bounce of the ball into Alex’s arm and a penalty was awarded and duly dispatched

In the second half the boys upped the tempo and the urgency but for a long time could not find a way through. A well struck curler from the edge of the box went just over from Harry

With only 15 to go, Sam was brought on in right midfield and Martin to right back. Sam made a few surging runs down the right as well as coming very close to scoring – his sliding shot as the keeper came out was struck almost too well and went over. Just after we finally found the net – Jake’s long corner to the far post volleyed in by Ethan. This visibly lifted the boys and the chase was on to find a winner. That said, Colo continued to be a threat going forward so we couldn’t be too gung-ho

With time running out the ball was kicked out by Colo – Sean Burns showing off his goalkeeping skills, diving full length out of his chair to get the ball quickly to Sam. Sam’s long throw in to the edge of the box found Ethan, who got it out of his feet and struck sweetly into the net. Sean claimed an assist

With only a few minutes left we won another corner and quick thinking by Martin, rushing forward from right back to get it off Jake. Martin’s cross was ok but fell behind players, including Ethan, who amazingly delivered an overhead kick from the edge of the box that flew past the keeper

Players, Coach’s and Parents player of the match this week to Ethan. A hat trick in the last fifteen minutes – sensational effort, especially after being targeted and knocked about without protection from the referee all game. Great attitude, resilience and determination

Photo – Ethan’s first – a volley at the far post off Jake’s corner

Match Report – 16.1 – Game Date: 13/06/2019


BMFC 16.1: 3
Penrith RSL SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan, Martin, Jake

Player of the Match: Max

Match Report: Nepean Cup Last 16

We played Penrith RSL for the 3rd time in a month in a night game in the Cup. A few positional changes to try a few things out but the structure was maintained

The boys played some excellent football in the first half creating many chances. Martin and Max combined in the midfield and Max put Ethan away – chasing the ball and just getting a toe to it ahead of the oncoming keeper for 1-0. The lead was doubled when Ethan headed a Millsy free kick on and Martin got there first, his shot ricocheted in off a defender – Martin’s goal though!

We continued to play good passing football in the second half. A Martin corner was well headed by Ethan – the goalkeeper didn’t hold the header and Jake was on hand to poke home the third and last goal of the night

Our best performance yet versus a very good opponent

Parents player of the match to Max – out of his usual left back and into the heart of midfield, Max was tireless and a big influencer on the result

Match Report – 16.1 – Game Date: 08/06/2019


BMFC 16.1: 1
Penrith RSL SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Harry

Player of the Match: Alex Crambrook

Match Report: A cold afternoon kick off against a tough opponent. Goalkeeper Eli was out sick and with the two regular keepers from the 15.2’s and 16.2’s unavailable, Matt from the 16.2’s kindly offered to help out

We started positively and created a couple of good early chances – Aidy put Ethan away to bore down on goal but the keeper saved well 1on1. Ash got to the bye line and put a great cross in that travelled untouched across the six yard box

We defended well, limiting RSL to a few long range shots which Matt held well. Sam and Max both made a couple of forward attacking runs from right and left back respectively – Sam firing a super cross come shot across the face of the goal. Mid way through through the first half, Millsy sent a long free kick into the box and it fell to Harry who swivelled and volleyed in a high ball over the keeper showing great technical skills in doing so. Harry scoring against his former team mates

The second was a real arm wrestle – RSL’s midfield started to win the battle and pushed us back. There were no clear cut chances as our defensive line of Millsy, Alex Win, Max and Sam as well as central defensive players Jake, Aidy and Martin worked hard to protect Matt. Matt continued to hold any long range efforts and then clear early to set Ethan away, ably supported by Damo and Alex Crambrook who both had excellent games today

We had two good chances to score – Ethan cutting in the box and hitting it well with his left foot – keeper beaten but the ball hit the post. Secondly, a long throw into the box from Jake was flicked on by Ethan and Damo snuck in ahead of the defender to head home – Ethan adjudged to have committed a foul when challenging for the ball

Coach’s player of the match to Alex Crambrook who defended stoutly in the first half – heading balls he’d much rather not! In the second half Alex was a real threat down the left and helped out in the midfield scrap

A great team performance and we look forward to playing RSL again this Thursday at home in the Nepean Cup

Match Report – O35.1B – Game Date: 02/06/2019


BMFC O35.1B: 4
Select club: North Sydney United

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ibra, Brad (2), Zap

Player of the Match: Brad

Match Report: State Cup v Nth Sydney

A big game at Summerhayes is usually against Springwood but instead it was North Sydney in the Cup

A cagey start by both teams – neither wanting to over commit. We fell behind, then levelled as Mark Sem scythed to the bye line to pull back for Ibra. We were behind again by half time as Paul challenged for a cross into the box only to put into his own net

In the first 20 of the second half we levelled and the took the lead courtesy of two Brad strikes – the second a pile driver from outside the box

North Sydney levelled again inside the last ten and to golden goal we went

After a few minutes we won a corner and Zap rose headed, shouldered, it didn’t matter, it went in and we were through to the 1/4’s

Next up Baulkham Hills at Summerhayes again on the 16th at noon

Match Report – O35.1W – Game Date: 02/06/2019


BMFC O35.1W: 4
Richmond Ex-Servicemens SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Skinner (2), Rusty, Felts

Player of the Match: Twelve of the bravest men you’ll ever meet

Match Report: After the complete mess the governing bodies made of staging the Europa League final in Baku it was hoped they had learnt their lesson. Alas, however, with the scheduling of the heroes in Whites next game only hours after a beer festival, it is clear that they have not.

Due to injuries and visa problems the chartered flight to the backwaters of NSW was lightly occupied. 12 brave souls stepped out onto the tarmac at the RAAF base, greeting by a throng of fans who up until now had only seen their heroes on the tv.

The line up revealed one very noticeable change to the most in form team in the competition, with player/coach Dre deciding that he was a bit cold and so wanted to wear the gloves and Bruce Grobbelaar pants to keep warm, confidence was high.

After an early pitch inspection Andy decided it wasn’t up to standard so set off to Knapsack to warm up, he made it back just in time for kickoff, which was lucky as he was one of only 3 “fit” players available.

The game seemed to start at a frantic pace and it appeared the opposition had 30 players on the field and playing with 5 balls, but that could have just been me.

As to be expected from a team full of dynamic, creative individuals, the chances soon began to flow for the Whites. Everyone was keen to get a sighter on goal, but as seems to be the case when teams play the Whites, Henry the Octopus had turned out for them in goals.

Just when it seemed it was going to be one of those days, the ball fell to Skinner in the box and with a quick spin and shot it was 1-0 to the Whites. The Sixpence he turned on is still laying on the ground. Going from the sublime to horrible he then proceeded to miss possibly the easiest chance he will ever get, what a waste of money indeed.

The only real threat to the Whites goal in the first half was cleaned up by the combination of Dre and Ads using what seemed to be a ancient mating dance from Uruguay, leaving Dre with two new dimples on his forehead. He has always been a tea man over coffee.

Halftime had the massage tables full and the physios working overtime to try and get 11 players back out for the second half. The next 45mins was going to need a Herculean effort. The Spartans had their 300, Blue Mountains had this lot.

Spurred on by their vocal fans, the home team started the strongest in the second half. The defensive line of Dirty, G, Macca and Andy were holding strong and Dre was only really troubled once with a fine low save.

Whites fans nerves were settled not long after when Ghost and Skinner combined better than Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore at the potters wheel to create something beautiful.
2-0 to the Whites

Rod was trying everything to get on the scoresheet, always in good positions, wearing the toe out of his boots. Anth and Rusty spent the entire half as if they were competing for the WWE Tag Team Championship, doing everything to make sure the full 11 players stayed on the pitch.

The game was put to bed when Rusty Beckham stepped up from what will surely be 40yards by the end of the season to curl in an absolute screamer.
3-0 to the Whites

G, feeling a bit charitable, decided he was being left behind in the fines and found a way to pick up a booking from nowhere, then tried to hide it, hoping everyone was too busy watching some animal cruelty.

With 10mins to go Felts had finally come down from the high of Spurs “Putting the pressure on” (DVD available soon) to brilliantly head home at the far post from an absolute peach of a cross from Ads. The quality of the cross led to Ads to immediately sub himself off as he knew it wasn’t going to get any better than that.

And so the game finished 4-0 to the Whites in what Gary Neville described as “a season defining 3 points.” As players come back to full fitness, or stop being soft, this is a team that no one will want to play in the semis.