Match Report – O35.1 – Game Date: 12/07/2020

BMFC O35.1: 7
St Marys SC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Archie (3), Paul (3), Thor

Player of the Match:

Match Report: An early foggy start out at the home of the Crazy Gang. The field was lush, green and deep – who knew what might be hidden in those plentiful blades of grass

Pom asked me who was out this week during the warm up and I told him Smudger, Davey & The Dentist. Pom said we’d miss Smudger & The Dentist, big losses

The first half was a tight affair. Tolly found himself a new best friend to play with in the centre of midfield. Only only one goal scored – a long range effort from Archie went straight over the keepers head and hands. Kev later made a call that this was due to the high cross bar

JB came off after going down in the long grass and feeling something sharp in his leg – turned out to be calf injury

We had lots of corners that seemed to go long, too long, nobody there

Goals came in the second half for us.

Sem got away down the left and put a super cross in that Thor hammered home at the far post. Paul headed home after the ball bobbled around a bit off another corner

I had to leave early and as I was leaving I saw Archie race clear and fire home for the fourth

Three more were scored, I didn’t see them as I wasn’t there but I am reliably informed one more to Archie & two more to Paul – so a hat trick each

Sold win and another clean sheet

Match Report – 17.1 – Game Date: 12/07/2020

BMFC 17.1: 2
Penrith Rovers FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ash, Liam

Player of the Match: Players Player – Knobsy

Match Report: First game this season between two teams that have been very evenly matched every year starting at the under 14’s – each game is a huge battle and we expected exactly the same again today.

Both teams had a number of personnel changes from last year & were looking strong

The boys arrived ahead of Coach Mark – Knobsy kindly pointing out I was 6 minutes late…and where was Coach Andy? There he is…with my coffee. Good man

A big crowd was present – well, appropriate 1 per player by the pitch plus many more staying in their cars & still getting a good view of the game courtesy of Parker Street’s ideal car park to pitch position

Andy joined me in the technical area in his Managers jacket and the game was underway. The opening 15 minutes were a battle for supremacy with no clear chances I can recall

Around the 20 minute mark, the opening goal came. Ethan challenged the keeper in the air by the penalty spot and cleanly won the header. The ball fell to Ash to volley home into an empty net

A few minutes later and we went 2 up.

Harry B got the better of his opposite number in the centre of midfield and surged towards the top of the box – in the next challenge the ball broke to Liam in the box and he knocked the ball past the keeper

Late in the half Liam curled free kick from the left hand side of the box that the keeper did really well to tip onto the crossbar

At half time the focus of the chat was on game management. 2-0 is, as we all know, a dangerous lead

Early in the second half Andy was asked to leave the technical area by a ground official for not being the ‘official’ Manager

After being the more dominant side in the first half, the second was more even. No goals were scored until mid way through the half – Rovers pulling one back from the edge of the box, a shot curling beyond the outstretched Eli for once

Rovers started to push us back and had a number of corners and free kicks around the box. Our boys held firm time and again clearing the ball away.

Some sort of brew ha ha seemed to break out near the half way line on the spectators side. Who would be in the centre of this hubbub? Andy claimed his innocence post match – we all believed him

With ten to go the Rovers goalscorer bore down on our goal and Eli raced off his line and timed his dive at the players feet perfectly to smother the danger

We saw the game out and then belted out the club song – better than last week volume wise but the timing still needs improvement

A good win but as a 6 team comp these two sides should meet twice more this season so more battles to come

Players player Knobsy for doing an excellent job at the back marking the two wingers who swapped sides regularly

Match Report – IW.1 – Game Date: 12/07/2020

BMFC IW.1: 12
Hazelbrook FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers:

Player of the Match:

Match Report: The IW girls stormed the field today and then realised they couldn’t find the opposition due to the fog!

Sneaky Sarah M, our resident leftie, started the stream of scoring off a Maeve specialty cross. Things were looking good until Jess misjudged a bin for the net! Luckily, being the powerhouse she is, the bin didn’t stand a chance.

The girls then found their inner triangle Feng Shui and the opposition didn’t know where the ball was going to come from. Goals came fast and furious from Layla, Emily, Sarah, our rookie Tilly, Lexy and our resident zookeeper Jemma. Our defence Cari, Tamara and keepers Bella and Mim were like the Great Wall of China – easy to see, but hard to get around! Special mention to Briana who was our left right out!

Awesome group of girls no matter what the score!

Match Report – AM.4 – Game Date: 05/07/2020

BMFC AM.4: 1
Wentworth Falls FC: 0

BMFC Goal Scorers: Marty

Player of the Match: Knapsack Park grass cover

Match Report: The smell of freshly cut grass and Dencorub, the sound of strapping tape being vigorously applied, the sight of bloodshot eyes from the previous night’s bender – football was back!

Twas a glorious winter’s afternoon that greeted the lads at Knapsack – arguably the only winner from COVID with a cover of grass not seen since… ever. And now almost 100% asbestos-free after the removal of the old clubhouse, the air was electric.

The off-season transfer window was a busy time for the AA4s (nee 35.1 Whites) – with only 8 incumbents remaining and some youthful up and coming talent recruited, only one question remained unanswered – Did the gaffer get the mix of old and new right, or would this season be as fruitless as Spurs trying to win Europe?

Still short of a full-time keeper after the loss of Stevie Buffon to El Presidente’s David Smith’s squad (pending investigation into reports of brown paper bag payments), Lachy found an old pair of gloves last used to keep a clean sheet in 1987, and coupled with his debilitating shagger’s back injury from mid-week, he nominated to stand between the sticks.
And only missing Kris as his medical didn’t pass cut-off in time and Slash (I missed 90% of last season on a 14 week holiday) away on holiday, 4 on the bench gave us plenty of legs.

Wenty Falls were happy to knock the ball around and play out from the back, and we absorbed some early pressure, Kyle more than once clearing out danger in the box and Lachy making a couple of nice stops. We began getting the upper hand, Rod making plenty of probing runs from deep causing problems and a few testing shots from the forwards from outside the box as we tried to find our range.

The best chance of the half came when Matty whipped in a quick free-kick of his left boot and found Ads on the far post where he went for the dramatic swan-dive header when a simple tap-in volley would have probably done the job, the ball sailing harmlessly over the crossbar. Ghost stepped up for another free-kick just outside the box, but decided he would rather see just how high he could kick the Mitre, rather than attempt a shot on target, all and sundry agreeing that he can indeed kick the ball very, very high.

Half time, nil all.

Disregarding the numerous complaints from last season, Dre held the halftime sermon outside the women’s toilet block again, and was positively glowing over the first half performance while clearly starting to develop a few man-crushes over some of the new recruits.

And in true leadership fashion just to remind us to keep the intensity up, Dre received the back pass off the kick-off and gifted it straight to the oncoming striker, keeping the entire backline on their toes for the rest of the half. Crisis averted.

We picked up where we left off and arguably had all the running, creating plenty of chances and stifling the opposition when they had the ball, or catching them offside on plenty of occasions. The breakthrough finally came when Rod found space on the flank and picked out Marty with his cross, whose pre-season routine of beer and pizza paid dividends, controlling the ball with his magnificent guts before sticking his toe out and lobbing into the far post netting. Marty’s first goal since 2018 saw his management immediately start negotiating a goal bonus amendment to his contract.

Tails were up and we were moving the ball freely, and everyone wanted to get on the scoresheet – Rusty, Felts and Matty happy to shoot at will, Zac coming closest with a bolt that crashed into the crossbar, and Joe hitting a pure speculator form 35 yards out, stamping his arrival as a challenger to Dre’s cultured lobs.

Felts stepped up for a free-kick outside of the box that favoured his left hoof, but his ego wouldn’t allow Ghost to win the highest kick of the day award, sending it into the stratosphere and would have landed on the clubhouse roof if it was still standing. Golf claps all-round.

Niall found himself with room on the edge in the dying stages, and with the entire team, opposition, supporters and officials yelling “Shoot” the ball got more lost between his legs than an Irishman in hiding with an expired Visa, he became a bit overwhelmed and decided to have a bit of a lie down instead.

1-0 final score, 3 points in the bag and the fan base believing that this could be a season to remember.

Match Report – 17.1 – Game Date: 05/07/2020

BMFC 17.1: 4
Penrith FC: 1

BMFC Goal Scorers: Ethan 2 (1 pen), Liam, Damo

Players Player of the Match: Liam

Match Report: After the longest pre-season ever known, it was great to finally get the boys on the park for their first game of the season

Two pieces of ‘I can’t believe he did that’ news prior to even the warm-up getting underway kept things interesting

Firstly, a 7.40am call was received from Finn to advise that he had left the keys in the car the night before and woke up to a flat battery and would therefore not be with us til close to kick off. That cemented Finn’s place on the bench for the start of the game!

Secondly, Brayden’s hair. Liam had been handed the clippers the night before and a mullet come arrow had been carved out on top ??. Different. Amazingly Brayden maintained his spot in the starting 11

The game got underway and a goal after about 10 minutes settled the nerves. A move through the centre of midfield – Harry Burns to Liam and slide rule pass for Ethan to run onto and knock past the oncoming keeper

A second goal came a few minutes later, courtesy of a penalty from Ethan after a Penrith FC defender was adjudged to have handled in the box

Ash had a goal disallowed – following up after a shot from Ethan was pushed away by the keeper

Penrith stayed in the contest – a well hit free kick was touched onto the bar by an ever reliable Eli in goal

In the second half, Damo found himself free in the box after a couple of shots were parried and the second one fell to him to pass into the net

In the second half, Ash was matched for pace for once as Adam from the Voice demonstrated his all round talents

Liam placed a free kick perfectly around the wall and into the net to make it four

Penrith then pulled one back with a similar free kick to Liam’s being well placed

Overall a good team performance in our first league game – some great play but certainly a few things to work on at training through the week

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Pre-Season Information/Key Dates

Below is a summary of key calendar dates – by clicking on the links, you can find out more about the event, but also more information applicable to the age group/topic.  Hopefully the info in the linked document will answer any queries you may have – if not, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

  • 1 JanuaryActive Kids vouchers can start being claimed
  • 2 January– on-line registrations open on PlayFootball for all players, coaches, managers and Committee members
  • 2 January – “Early Bird” registration fees commence: fees have stayed the same since 2017!!!
  • 1 February – Registration Day at the club house, Knapsack Park (10am – 2pm)
  • 1 & 2 February – Game Training Certificate coaching course (U13-U17 teams) at Glenmore Park FC, Mulgoa Rise
  • 7 February – Registration Evening at the club house, Knapsack Park (6pm – 8pm)
  • 8/9 February – Grading Days for U11-IM/IW teams … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 15 February MiniRoos Muster Day at Knapsack Park, for U5-U10 & U10/11G teams … but, please also read the note below, in the coloured box
  • 15/16 February– Grading Days continued for U11-IM/IW teams … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 16 February – last day for “Early Bird” registration fees
  • 17 February – Standard registration fees commence
  • 22/23 February – Grading Days continued for U11-IM/IW teams … player must be registered prior to attending Grading
  • 22 February & 14 March – Senior Certificate coaching course (U17+ teams), at Richmond RSL SC, Richmond
  • 23 February & 15 March – Skill Training Certificate coaching course (U9-U13 teams) at Springwood FC, Winmalee
  • 26 February – registration fees need to be paid & cleared prior to this date, to ensure your team is nominated to play this season
  • 27 FebruaryCoaches Meeting at the club house, Knapsack Park (6:30pm, 7:15pm or 8:00pm start time)
  • 27 February Senior Teams Muster at the club house, Knapsack Park (7:30pm start)
  • 11 March – MiniRoos Coaching Course at Knapsack Park for U5-U9 teams (6pm – 9pm); register for this FREE course by visiting; if this date doesn’t suit, other MiniRoos coaching courses can be found by searching
  • 12 March Managers Meeting at the club house, Knapsack Park (6:30pm or 7:45pm start time)
  • 13/14/15 March – trial games (teams U8s and up)
    – for U5-U7 teams, this is your first weekend of becoming familiar with how to participate and experience Saturday mornings (i.e. field set-up, training, game, pack up)
  • 20/21/22 March – trial games (teams U8s and up)
    – for U5-U7 teams, this is your second weekend of familiarization
  • 27/28/29 March – season start

Information for Under 5s to Under 10s & U10/11G Teams

On Saturday, 15 February, U5–U10 & U10/11G registered players will attend Team Muster to be formed into teams.

A player must be registered by Wednesday, 11:30 pm, 12 February, to be included in a team at Team Muster.  After this time, on-line registrations will be temporarily suspended and will only be re-opened after Team Muster should there be vacancies in teams. If a registered player is unable to attend Team Muster, please let us know (via no later than Wednesday, 12 February – also let us know if requesting placement in a specific team.

Any team lists must also be received by Wednesday, 12 February – all players, coaches & managers in the team must be registered prior to a team list being sent to  If everyone is not registered, the team list cannot be accepted.

For players registering after Team Muster and requesting a placement in a specific team, BMFC will try to accommodate that request, provided the team has room for an additional player.

Coaches and Managers for the U5–U10 & U10/11G teams are chosen at Team Muster and must register ASAP to ensure that their team can participate this season.

Accredited coaches are mandatory for U5–U9 teams.  For information on coaching courses, visit for a list of coaching courses being held.

For those new to football/soccer, U5s–U7s play at Knapsack Park every Saturday morning (excluding the middle weekend of public school holidays).  Training sessions of skills/drills commence at 9:00am; games commence at ~9:30am.

For MiniRoos game details and rules for each age group, click here.

Things to know before registering on-line

Everyone must register on-line, but to determine if you’ll also need to see us in person at a Registration Day, click here to find out more (all Club days/dates, prior to season kick-off, are listed under “Pre-Season Information”, below).

Before clicking on the “Get Started” button at, make sure you have the following available:

*  Photo – everybody must upload a photo into their account and the photo must be passport-style [i.e. a plain, light-coloured, untextured, background required (e.g. internal wall), head & shoulders only, no caps/hats/sunglasses/glasses (unless sports glasses are worn when playing)].  Avoid taking a photo of a photo. 
Have a look at the images in this post for what’s OK and what’s not.  If no photo is uploaded, or the uploaded photo is not passport-style, then your registration cannot be approved until this is done.  If you encounter any problems when uploading a photo, please send it to, together with the player’s full name and ID number, and c.c. in and, so we can try to keep track of the request.

*  Active Kids voucher details.

*  Working With Children (WWC) details (applicable to all coaches & managers, except those in “Over” teams).

*  Linked Account for all family members, to take advantage of BMFC’s Sibling discount.

Minimum Age to register – turning 5 this year.
Default age group to play in (for junior players) – the age the player is turning this year (e.g. a child who is 7, as at 31 December, will play in Under 7s).

Our Facebook page ( will post reminders/tips – please look/like/follow.