Match Report U9 Hawks – 24-07-2010





Their Family



Match Report

Wentworth Falls forfeited on us on Saturday morning, so instead of the boys not playing a game, we decided that they could play their parents/siblings/extended family in a "friendly".

It soon became apparent that the parents had a new appreciation for the cardiovascular fitness of our O35.5 players! We played on a field half the normal size and half the playing time of a normal game … and us adults were knackered.

The 8 boys of the 9.Hawks team played really well, considering they were up against 10-12 foe. Even though the "big kids" played hard, they still wanted the boys to learn and practice skills whilst playing. It was a great opportunity to have the Coach playing with the boys, rather than instructing from the sidelines.

Overall, a relaxed, fun morning for ALL.  

Goal Scorers

Jacob Bishop (2), Zac Okabe (1), Drew Hamilton’s dad (1) and Sasha Duetoft’s dad (1). 

Player of the Match

"Their Family" because we survived a full 40 minutes with no injuries !!!