Match Report U11.4 – 24-07-2010








Match Report

An exciting end to the season from our team; we scored more goals than any other team in the competition, but still just missed the semi finals, by a whisker – we just couldn’t win the crucial matches.  We had too many draws during the year, even the vital game we had to win was a draw.  Congratulations to our team – a blend of existing players and younger, newer players to the team.  The season was played in great spirit and I am confident that every child had an awesome season.  As it is every year, my enjoyment is watching kids at differing levels develop their own skills during the year.  We only scored one goal in the season proper by a player heading the ball and that was in this match – well done, Harry!  Well done to everyone and lets continue to enjoy our final matches of the year. Coach.

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