Match Report AA.5 – 24-07-2010








Match Report

T’was a dark and stormy night before the game, at least, those parts that I can remember. Game day, on the other hand, was just dark and for Blaxland it was about to get a little darker. Now both sides had their own strengths and weaknesses – but what it really boiled down to was youth versus experience. No prizes for guessing which one we represented!

As is normal for All Age division 5 matches, the pace was frenetic at the start – and after a good 3-4 minutes settled into the more relaxed pace expected of a team of such expansive experience. This relaxed pace allowed the boys in blue to play the game with the ball at their feet dominating possession and, in the end, running out 6-0 winners.

Slider, inspired by the previous night’s drinking and associated debauchery, was in sublime touch – he ghosted up the field early on in the encounter and followed up nicely to score a solid goal after sustained Blue Mountains pressure in the Blaxland goal mouth. With that goal and much to everyone’s chagrin, Slider removed himself from the "nudy run" list.

Disco G excited everyone with numerous forays up the park – the disco shuffle was on and it was successful, resulting in two goals for the Beckenbauer-like libero of the All-Age 5s. It should be mentioned that one of G’s goals was an audacious attempt to recreate Maicon’s amazing goal against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, that, if I’m really honest, was probably from a greater angle and probably 5 yards further away. Sheer genius!

The Dr also got on the score sheet at the end of a beautifully worked play. Blueys moved the ball wide and in two sweeping passes trundled up toward Blaxland’s goal. Then something else happened, followed by one other thing – then BK scored! (Give me a break – it got a little lonely at the back of the park).

The defence deserves props – we were solid at the back all game, allowing them very little in the way of goal scoring opportunities, as well as distributing the ball from the back of the park with determined finesse.

Only three more points of note: 1. Tingle made a save 2. Des scored the other two goals and 3. Mini has a tidy long throw on him. 6 – 0 to Blue Mountains.

Goal Scorers

Slider, Grasshopper, The Dr, Disco

Player of the Match