Match Report 22L.1 (17-07-2011)








Match Report

When a comp game resembles a six aside game.

We travelled to Jamisontown knowing we would have a thin squad but expected at least 9 players & ended up with 8. Fortunately Jamo were in the same boat and there was plenty of space on the field. The team shape ended up a two girl backline, 2 overlapping wingbacks and 3 midfielders slash forwards. Alex started in goals and later moved to the left side and had acres of space to run and defend which she did extremely well taking up off where she left from the last game.

The goals were slow to start with as both teams got into the rhythm of playing an eight aside game. It took about 15 minutes before the first goal as Tash & Megs scrambled well covering Taylor’s left side where most of the attack came. While this was happening our lone striker Emily was teaming up with Zoe to attack Jamo constantly down their right side with both the girls firing off a number of shots which was not only pleasing but impressive to see.

Ashley had probably the best of the opportunities showing a good head of speed and was constantly attacking and driving back in defence and was looking solid everywhere until she came off second best in a 50/50 tackle for the ball and is now off for a while with an ankle injury. Probably our most consistent attacker, she will be sorely missed by the team.

Down then by 3 goals from memory and with only seven players and the goals started to flow later particularly in the second half as the team tired under the weight of attack and with a numerical deficiency. To their credit they battled on till the end until fatigue finally set in. An ill Tash ran herself into the ground and was asked to rest in goals. The look on your face girl: … priceless. Even though you were as crook as, you still wanted to battle on. Love your commitment.

On the wings Taylor was done for speed most of the game by the fastest player on the field and may realise better value for time in central midfield: … hmmmmm, a good experiment but lesson learnt the hard way through a mountain of work. Hannah our more regular wing and back found the game more easier going out wide and even managed to put in a number of solo runs in attack, most impressive while holding down the right side defensively.

The score did start to blow out and it was really only one player in both teams eager to score goals, the rest content with having fun and the odd crack at goal. Not really one way traffic as the score would indicate – more a lack of real strike power like we had last year. At the end of the day, it is what it is … and it was a relaxed and entertaining game. Return leg next game weather permitting and an end of comp sausage sizzle before embarking on pennant finals when we will hopefully have all hands on deck (except Ash) as we begin our push against more evenly skilled opponents.

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Zoe & Alex