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Match Report

White Board Sessions

Whilst training and our game were washed out this week there is still the white board session to report on. To explain: on the training days that the field is closed the cry goes out for a white board session! A session where we can sit down and discuss positions, moves, plays, on the white board. Indeed, these sessions appeal to both the intellectual (keh!) and social side of the team.

Beverages, pizza, laughs and a few cans (to denote players on a field) make for a great night and add to our knowledge of the theoretical game! Set plays, scissor kicks, solo runs and double entendres are all possible on the theoretical playing field. Discussion is normally both humourous and meaningful.

This week was no different as the players rallied round, once again, to learn more! As coach this year, Tingles made sure that the topic material stayed on track. At one stage talk drifted to Harry Potter and whilst Tingles appreciated what was being said he realised that we were off track. Of course, with a win over the table leaders the week before, we were easily led back to discussion of heroics by the Crusty, epic runs up the field by Denty and Disco, monumental work done by the halves, amazing saves from the new keeper and defiant defensive work of the backline.

Yes, we did discuss some areas for improvement! There is always room. This time around: it was that the pizza could’ve been ordered earlier than it was!

Thanks Dirty for volunteering to organise G4.

Fingers crossed we see Tingles at training next week after booking G4 at the same time as his wife’s baby shower!!

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Dirty for suggesting the pizza