Match Report U9 Wolves (04-08-2012)





Wentworth Falls Sharks



Match Report

It was a glorious sunny day at Knapsack for the Wolves encounter with Wentworth Falls Sharks.

Preparation for this week involved a great training session by the team on Thursday, with supporting roles by Addison and Joey in the game to finish off, with some great goals scored, including a brilliant one by Addy!

Layla started the day early, lending a hand to the Tigers in the game beforehand and we were fortunate to have Damien return the favour for us, in Josh’s absence. Thanks Damo!

Kynan started in goals in the first half and was able to find players in space out long with his kick-ins.

All the players were really focussed on keeping their positions and moving to the right spaces and it took us a few minutes to find our rhythm with the ball.

We conceded an early goal to the Sharks but in tremendous spirit and in keeping with the values of resilience and determination that we talk about, the team maintained their focus and fought back into the game.

Damo worked really hard to win the ball for us and linked well with Alex and Hamish in the middle.

Martin used great timing to find good space, Lachie and Luke applied good pressure and Layla worked hard to close the Sharks down in defence.

At half time we were really happy with our structure, our passing and positional play and just felt we could attack the game a little harder, so that became our focus for the second half.

Right from the start of play, we controlled the ball, moving it out of the congested area with composure, passing it around and looking for our players to receive the passes, who were running to really good spaces.

We levelled the score with an awesome passage of play and great passing work that found Alex in perfect position who received the ball directly in front of goals and slammed the ball into the back of the net. Excellent goal Alex and team!

We used the momentum and continued to press and were unlucky not to score another 3 times in this period. Martin ran to the right position to be running towards on the end of a pass which was narrowly just out of reach and despite a great stretch to get his boot to ball, it just skimmed the wrong side of the post.

Layla playing forward, made the intercept of the season so far from a goal kick, touching the ball to ground in front of her, the shot on goal just wide.

Hamish’s attack on the ball was top class again and he was rewarded for his hard work when space opened up in front of him, his great long kick just missing the target.

Lachie was goal keeper in the second half and the few times the Shark’s attacked in the second half, he attacked the ball fiercely and with great courage to make some exceptional saves, one of which was a real classy head save!

Importantly, Lachie was determined to execute the strategy we talked about to move the ball quickly by hand out to the sides and did this brilliantly which set up some awesome attacking moves, earning him Player of the Week. Great work Lachie!

Kynan played a brilliant game, defending strongly, being composed, executing great passes which found their target and using lots of voice to communicate to his teammates. Great stuff Ky!

Martin laid a couple of awesome tackles that cleanly swept the ball out of danger, Luke beat some defenders with a nice dribble in front of goal, Layla won the ball with skill in defence, Hamish was sensational with his attack, Alex’s run was awesome, Damo was brilliant for us with his attack and run also.

But the highlight was how we all worked together and made those skills and efforts work for us as a team.

Despite a late goal to the Sharks, it was a really great, impressive performance by the Wolves.

The concentration and commitment of all the players to maintain the structure and perform in the warm conditions was really impressive, the result of a good understanding of what we have been building, a willingness to work together as a team and really good hard work at training.

Well done, team!

Goal Scorers

Alex – 1

Player of the Match

Lachlan Farnsworth