Match Report AA.5 (05-08-2012)





St Clair



Match Report

It was a dark and stormy morning that the AA5’s started their Round Robin campaign. The esky was full and the men were hungry to earn their drinks. Captain Cranky was gee’ing everyone up ready for the competition.

The kick off saw a chess inspired move, aptly acronym-ised as DP. This was the start of 45 minutes of much running and jumping and starting again (as we had to kick off a further 3 times that half! There was oodles of effort but this was not translating to possession.

The second half started worse than the first with a fourth goal making it through the line in the first 5 minutes. THEN … a Bluey’s goal and some old fashioned fitness saw the Bluey’s regain possession and the opportunities on goal.

Both Niall and Dirty put goals away and this momentum continued to the end of the game. We weren’t able to steal away a draw but we came close … and the drinks were certainly earned.

Niall also almost put away a bend-it-like-Beckham goal which came very close but no banana).

It was a good fight back from right across the field. Nathan’s odometer was clicking over and he was linking well with the centre middies and strikers.

It was a welcome return to Ghengis but alas his game-play has been spotted by a Melbourne scout and his career will continue in that state. The only positive out of this is that his transfer fee will be paying for G5 and a team trip to Hawaii.

In terms of winding up the season and preparing for post season festivities, you know you’ll be ready for a rip roaring time when:

1. You’re up to date with the Tax Man
2. You’re square with the esky
3. You’ve got a leave pass for G5 on Sat 8 September 2012.

Looking forward to a couple more great games and yet another great G5.

Goal Scorers

Disco, Dirty, Niall.

Player of the Match

BK (who got some good passes away today) & Crank