U9.2 – 14-07-2007

Opposition Score 1
Match Report After coaching junior football for eleven years i thought i'd seen it all, but i wasn't prepared for the bravery and determination of this group of boys as nine of them took the field against the undeated comp leaders. We used the off side trap to near perfection and defended like our lives depended on it. When we eventually put a full team on the paddock, we were equal to the opposition and only a scrappy goal separated us. As a coach, it games and moments like this that make it all worthwhile regardless of the score and table position. To look at the boys come off the field knowing they'd done their best ,and only lost by the one goal to strong opposition is hopefully a reminder of what sport is all about.
Goal Scorers sadly none….but if there's a section for heroes….the starting nine..Chris Edwards, Alex Fisher, Billy & Max Hayes, Tim Kahnia, Brendan Lotz, Isaac Morris, Phillip Talbot, Liam Holmes.