1969 Newsletter

On behalf of the Management Committee it is with pleasure that I welcome all our old and new members to the 1969 season.

I have been associated with Soccer in this area for seven years. Initially with Lapstone United and then as a foundation member of the Blue Mountains Soccer Club, which is now in its fifth year.

In 1965 Blue Mountains (Sports) Club entered four teams in the N.D.S.F.A. Competition. Glenbrook Baptist and Springwood entered one team each.

This year we have entered twelve teams and our neighbouring clubs have increased their entries correspondingly.

From these figures can be seen the rapid growth of soccer which has occurred in our club and in the district.

From the Club point of view it means
a. That great demands are placed on the management Committee in organisation.
b. Expenditure on items such as balls, shirts, registration fees to the Association ($138 this season) have increased and will need to be recovered.

Managers are required for several teams. Managers duties consist of organising the teams to the required venue (Parents please assist in transport).

Filling the team card in if the coach is not there, obtaining oranges and organising laundering of shirts. Not much soccer knowledge required here.

Coaching is a different matter, requiring knowledge, ability to teach, patience, and above all a sense of humour. In this club we are proud to have six qualified coaches, the only club in the district to claim this distinction.

Our general aim is to raise the standard of soccer in our club and if by doing so, we happen to win some trophies, this will be like icing on the cake.

Please give your support generously, particularly to the struggling teams.

Learning to lose sportingly is not only a part of soccer but a part of life and the lessons to be learnt in a team sport such as soccer will benefit both mind and body.

As president, I present to you, your 1969 Club Officials, whom I am sure will assist wherever possible throughout the year:-

President T. Parkhouse 20 Koala Road, BLAXLAND 71-0252.
Vice Presidents – A. Kavanagh 59 Bridge Road, BLAXLAND 71-749.
– F. Duffy 72 Rickard Road, WARRIMOO Warrimoo 480.
Hon. Secretary R. Freeman 15 Hill Street, GLENBROOK.
Hon. Treasurer J. Lumsden Jnr Lot 3, Grey Street, EMU PLAINS.
Club Registrar B. Newman 17 Moore Street, GLENBROOK.
Asst. Secretary & Social Games Organiser T. Schneiders Graham Street, BLAXLAND.
Publicity Officer G. Wadwell 40 Mathew Parade, BLAXLAND.


U/6 Jim Lumeden Jnr. Jim Lumsden Snr.
U/7 Mrs. N. Guerin Garry Renshaw
U/8A M. O’ Grady Warrimoo 425 Colin Nielson
U/8B Les Barnes Tony Schneiders
U/9A Wally Hawke Wally Hawke
U/9C Peter Cabell Terry Parkhouse 71-0252
U/1OA Arthur Cavanagh John Way
U/lOC Bob Lever Jock Farr
U/12B Don Bullard Barry Newman
U/13 E. Mullett 51-2485
U/21 Jim Lumsden Jnr. Jim Lumsden Snr.
A/A. Terry Parkhouse 71-0252
Please assist Managers and Coaches by making sure your children are punctual for each game.
Also help by cheering the boys on from the side-line.
In the 1968 “Crystal Ball Corner” we advised Club members to watch the results of a number of our very young teams and as we all know one of our Under 7’s were Joint Premiers and Under 8’s were runners-up, but 1969 we are going right out on a limb and nominating the team to watch in 1969. That is our Mighty Atoms, the Under 6’s under the very capable Father and Son combination of The Jim Lumsden’s (Senior and Junior).

The “Dark Horse” honours will go to our Under 21’s who this year are assisting in probably pathfinding a new Nepean Association Division, as in 1969 there are now 5 Under 21 teams playing in the All Age 2nd Division Competition. However, 1970 could see a complete under 21 competition.

In 1969 we also expect to break all Club records in the number club players who will attain Nepean United Association Representative Team honours.

Summer Coaching Class
At the end of the 1968 Season. the club held its second summer coaching with a record enrolment Of 98, which was very encouraging to tho coaches involved.
We were very fortunate to have a visit from Mr N Sokoloff, a coach from the St. George Budapest Soccer Club, who passed on valuable hints to the boys.

Boot Pool
The club will be having another Boot Pool which will be held within the first two to three weeks of the football competition. For further information please contact your coach.

New Members
A warm welcome to those Parents who have joined tile club as non-playing members and we would like to see many more of the parents joining and taking an interest by attending General Meetings,

Club socks can be obtained at Mick Simmons – Penrith. Remember all white sock with two blue rings around top.

Once again the club must emphasize that it stands behind the decisions and/or judgement of our District Referees and would ask all team managers, coaches and B.M.S.C. Parents to support this view.

The Management Committee wish the twelve teams success and trust all parents will have a most enjoyable season.