Match Report U9 Hawks – 22-05-2010





Springwood White



Match Report

Another hard fought game for the boys.  These types of games are great – congratulates to both our boys, as well as Springwood White.  The games have been a great way of helping our boys develop their skills.
Springwood put on a spirited game; the teams were neck and neck in the first half, with no goals scored.  Zac Okabe made some great saves in goals.
In the second half, Springwood got a break through to be 1 goal up, then some skillful playing meant our boys were 2 goals down, but our boys dug deep and great goalkeeping from Nathan Gregory kept Springwood at 2 goals.  Our forwards were able to combine to bring the gap down to 1 goal difference.  In the end Springwood defense held and our boys were defeated 2-1.
We know our boys were a little disappointed in the loss … but who cares!  The boys do, but us parents, coach included, were happy with the great game the boys played.  It was a fast-paced, see-sawing game.  The harder the opposition, the better they play, it seems.  Both teams knew they’d been in a strong competition.
Thanks, Springwood, for the after-game chocolates.  Appreciated by us all. 

Goal Scorers

Zac Okabe.

Player of the Match

Drew Hamilton.