Match Report U9 Hawks – 07-08-2010





Springwood Black



Match Report

Another great game against good opposition.  The boys are really improving at consciously looking to pass the ball to team mates, particularly Sasha Duetoft, Drew Hamilton, Christian Giles and Zachary Okabe.  Some of Zac’s passes to Jacob Bishop led to goals – just one example of the excellent teamwork that is developing week by week in this team.  Our defence had a good game too, with Lachlan Yabsley doing some fantastic runs in the first half and a nice job in goals in the second half.  Lachlan was well-supported by brothers Nathan and Jarred Gregory, who helped to keep the opposition at bay.  Congratulations to the Hawks … and also congratulations to the Springwood junior ref for doing such a good job with the game. Much appreciated by all.

Goal Scorers

Zac (1) & Jake (3)

Player of the Match