Match Report U8 Tigers (25-05-2013)




Springwood White


Match Report

Great positioning and passing shown by all the boys this week – well done!

Tom helped out his team mates in a big way 1st half – played goalie although he was carrying an injury – great work mate.

Zac and Brad dribbled and passed well all game, and Jayden looked very comfortable on the wing, crossing the ball wonderfully on numerous occasions.

Ethan took a couple of knocks during the game, but played on strongly and chased down everything all day – so too Tayden recovered from a twisted ankle, and played well at fullback all game, providing great passes to the forwards.

Matt passed well & defended brilliantly throughout the match – not a single member of the opposition could get past him for the entire game, a great effort.

Cy and Jack both looked most comfortable in the forward position, pushing up field well, and deservedly scored a goal each.

A great game by everyone today.

Goal Scorers

Cy, Jack

Player of the Match