Match Report U8 Panthers (09-04-2011)




Wentworth Falls Panthers


Match Report

Battling the traffic through the road works was well worth it. Great pitch, great opposition and a wonderful performance from every player. Arwen and Kieran had a half each in goal and did a super job keeping the ball out. James was back, super pumped, after missing last week with a sore hammy. At half time Coach asked for 2 things – when defending, take the ball away from the goal to either side line and when attacking, look up and try to cross the ball for a team mate. Everyone listened and in particular Riley and Maeve banged the crosses in and Ashton defended beautifully. Great all round peformances from Finlay and Connor, with goals and strong tackling.

Goal Scorers

Riley, Finlay, Connor and James

Player of the Match

Connor – great performance mate