Match Report U8 Dingos (05-05-2012)





Blue Mts Bears



Match Report

The Dingos took to the field and looked very professional in their warm up. Well done to Andy for getting this team so disciplined and focused. It was obvious from the start the Bears had come to play and they but up a strong defence that was very hard for the Dingos to get through. Lachie was GK first up and faced some tough challenges. The Dingos slowly began to work the ball forward using team work and some huge kicks from half way. Saxon showed his usual boundless energy and some great ball skills. Tash had a wonderful shot at goal that was so close. James did a fantastic throw in that set up a goal and also a crucial save at GK in the 2nd half. Josh had probably his best game to date with some great tackling and crosses in front of the goal. Lachlan B showed some impressive sportsmanship by playing for the other team and equally strong defence for both sides. Alek was relentless in his defence and rounding up the ball and was rewarded with a great goal. Harry scored several times as he is always able to chase that ball down and be in the right spot. Lachie was impressive in the 2nd half with a quick goal and is always backing up his team mates. Max was all over the field as always and strong in attack and defence. He finished the game with a huge goal through several opposition players that fired the fans up. Great game from both the Dingos and the Bears.

Goal Scorers

Harry, Lachie, Alek, Max.

Player of the Match