Match Report U7 Zebras (28-04-2012)





U7 Monkeys



Match Report

After a long hibernation, the Knapsack savannah wet-season has broken.

A dazzle of Zebras emerged from the morning mist to stake their claim on the rich grasslands. The magnificent Monkeys joined the Zebras in the celebration, with a great game of Small Side Football.

It was an intense and action packed game. Kaelen stomped three into the hole, and Isobel hoofed another two. In a great stampede of team-work, Ben, Mat and Alexander were great support and foiled many of the monkey’s attempts, as well as launching some attacks themselves. All in all, a great game was had by all.

Player of the match was Mathew.

We hear that a pack of Wolves is stalking the Grassland, but the Zebras are ready: ever vigilant … waiting … in treaty with the savannah …

Goal Scorers

Kaelen (3), Isobel (2)

Player of the Match