Match Report U7 Zebras (25-08-2012)





U7 Panthers
U7 Jaguars 


Match Report

It was Knapsack Savannah Gala day. It was a bright sunny morning. The Zebras wore their black and white with the pride reserved for lions. Savannah Fact: the black and white stripes on a Zebra’s back are actually solar panels, and we were certainly fully charged this morning.

The first match saw us draw with the Panthers – thanks in part to the lend of a Panther or two.

Match two saw us playing up with the Jaguars … amazing the number of cat species in this area. This was also a tense game with the added danger of Hyena droppings throwing the scent. The Zebras pulled out all hoofs for a great fun game for the last of the dry season. Kaelan and Isobel whacking in the goals, Alexander and Mat putting up a consistent attack and great defence.

So now, as the clouds gather for the wet season, the Savannah fauna migrate to their summer sports … but the time will soon come again, when long grass becomes marked with white war-paint, signalling the return to the pridelands of Knapsack Savannah for another season.

Long live the U7 Zebras.

Goal Scorers

vs Panthers: borrowed Panthers
vs Jaguars: Kaelan and Isobel 

Player of the Match