Match Report U7 Sharks – 29-03-2008

vs Blaxland Kangaroos
Opposition Score 4

Match Report The U7 Sharks played a good opening game of the competition, with the team having the majority of the ball throughout the 40 min playing time. They also had a lot more goal attempts, particularly Kegan Ryan, despite the 'Roos putting a player in as goalie. Drew Hamilton scored in the first half, whilst Kegan and Jacob Bishop scored in the second half. Goal scorers were ably supported by their team mates (Sasha Duetoft, Lachlan Yabsley, Joshua Kuipers), who attacked the goals as well. The Sharks led the score line the entire game except for the dying minutes, when two quick goals saw the 'Roos take the lead. One other Roo goal was achieved directly from a corner kick! The boys were getting tired by the end of the game – and no wonder – they seemed to be running a lot more than their opposition. Their fitness will improve as the season goes on and the Sharks will then be finishing a game as strongly as when they begin it. Well done, Sharks – the score line was not indicative of the way you dominated the game.
Goal Scorers Drew Kegan Jacob
Player of the Match Lachlan