Match Report U7 Sharks – 28-06-2008

vs U7s Gala Day at BMSC

Match Report We played two games at the Gala Day – the first against our name-sakes from Wentworth Falls and our second against Blaxland Hawks. We outscored our opposition during the main game, but they outscored us in the penalty shoot-outs, which were introduced for the day. Our usual goal scoring "machines" were on fire, but Drew would have been a raging firestorm if all of his attempts had actually gone into the goals, rather than skirting the outside edges. Talk about the closest of misses! There must have been about a half-dozen of 'em. Talk about a collective "aawwhh" repetitively coming from the sidelines! Mention should also be made of Christian's excellent footwork and his coolness when surrounded by the opposition, to weave and pass his way out of the mayhem – well done, matey. All-in-all, a great team effort by the boys. Congratulations to each and every one of you – Jake, Joshua, Kegan, Lachlan, Sasha, Drew, Christian. Jason, thanks again, for your coaching prowess.
Player of the Match The whole team