Match Report U7 Sharks – 17-05-2008

vs Blaxland Panthers
Opposition Score 7

Match Report Sharkies, what a fantastic game – best one of the year! Vin Diesel would have been proud – the pace was "Fast and Furious"! From the word go, both teams played at a cracking speed and kept it up the whole game. Our skill level improved from last week and now we need to practice on how to get around the goalies that keep getting put in to stop us from scoring more goals. Kegan Ryan was on an attacking burst, even scoring a goal from a corner kick! Awesome! Jacob Bishop, Drew Hamilton, Lachlan Yabsley and Sasha Duetoft also had a lot of good attacking breaks – with a few converting into goals. Joshua Kuipers was our mid-field defence. Boys – well done and keep going from strength to strength. Thanks, again, Coach Jason – the boys are doing fabulously well under your guidance. Martin Bishop – what a wonderful referee you are: you were brilliant this week. Our appreciation is extended to you.
Goal Scorers Kegan (3), Jacob (1), Drew (1), Lachlan (1)
Player of the Match Joshua Kuipers